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hey every1


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hey whats goin on ppl ive been on ur jaymod#2 server for almost a month now and really enjoy it so i figured its about time to get on the fourms n say hi

some of u have seen me by the name t(-.-t) and some have seen -|-()|<3|) (if your wondering wth that is its geek for tok3d) lol


but anyways ur servers rock both on setup and the ppl that hang in em .... speakin of witch its about time i get in a server

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thanks medic n thunder ive already sat here laughing for quite some time reading some of the older topics .. (commented on a few b4 realizein no point in beating a dead horse) but anyways some funny stuff on here and as for enjoyin the game of course no point in playin if its not ejoyable (even tho i just started to play this again when i 1st found the =F|A= servers and have been gettin pwned) its always a blast


but on a slightly differant subject after my long break from all pc gamein im sorta noobish....

so any tips or config help would be greatly appreacited

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