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My apology (please read)


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Hello everyone,


I'm here to apologize about some things which got me banned recently (I'm not looking to make trouble and I don't care if this is excepted or not)


One of the things was using an aimbot for several minuets on jay2 several times (I had never used one before),

and the second is lying about using the aimbot - I guess that I was so scared that I really didn't know what to do. :oops:

I except the punishment given to me and think that the admins had every right to ban me (I wouldn't want cheaters playing on my server)

But I'm just asking for forgiveness and for everyone to except my apology.




I will be back in 363 days and 20 hours! (and counting down) ***WITHOUT CHEATS*** :hi

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Well after some consideration I decided to commute your sentence to 30 days, because you admitted what you did was wrong, now I will monitor you carefully when you are unbanned and if you ever try to pull something similar you will be permanently banned.

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Wow Stitch... This is very mature of you owning up to what you did, and apologizing. If I were you I would consider myself VERY lucky! Like Joe said you will be watched carefully when you return so keep that in mind.

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Thank you so much Joe for your consideration! :D


I'm am indeed VERY lucky! ... and happy!

I know it will take a very very long time to earn back my trust.


Thank you again!

I'll see everyone on the field in 30 days!



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wow I'm floored by Stitch's honesty. Most botters just lie, deny, and rename.


Reminds me of one player I was speccing who shoved a teammate off a building to his death. I said "I'm watching you, don't tk" or something like that. He said sorry and then jumped to his own death to make amends I guess. I respected that and supported his application to FA (not saying who he was, but he knows). This guy is now in F|A.


Good luck Stitch.

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