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I need help and advise



OK, I'm gonna write out the whole sad story first, so everyone knows how I got here. Then I would really appreciate help, but I'm not that tech saavy, so, if help is gonna do me any good it has to be step by step and clear. Also, I know I'm not the only one with similar issues, Wizbang is in the same boat as me, and I've seen other threads that sound similar as well.

First, I have a dual core computer. I have windows xp , sp3, amd athlon 64x2 dual core 3800+, 2.01 ghz, 2.00GB ram, nvidia geforce 8800 gts video card. My C-drive is my general use drive and my E drive was intended to be dedicated to cod4. I originally had a friend help me install the game from cd directly into E drive. I started with version I play 90 % of the time on HC Mix server. I have x-fire and it is installed on C drive program files. I have my player profile backed up on an external hard drive. The last 8 digitss of my original GUID were 4f48f6f2 and were posted on my forum profile. Originally all of this worked fine. Everything was great. I could find all the FA servers directly through the game disc or thru x-fire and join any of the ones for 1.6 version without trouble.

Now, this is when the trouble started. About two weeks ago, i was cruising the forum and saw something about a "Family game night" that happened to be in progress. I wanted to join in, so i tried to log into that server. It was a 1.7 version server, so I was not allowed. So, I went online and downloaded and installed a patch to get me to 1.7. Then I tried to get on the server and it worked and I played for an hour or so. Then I wanted to go back to my regular hang-out on the HC Mix server, but was denied access. Then realized I had messed up, so I went back to the forum and read about patch selectors. So, I downloaded and installed the " for FA patch selector" and thought that would work to bring me home, but it gave me error messages. So, I deleted the seletor and tried the older version selector that was mentioned in the same section, but it also failed.

At this point, I was so frustrated that I didn't care about different versions any more and I simply wanted to get back to how things were in the beginning.

So, I uninstalled everything except x-fire and re-installed cod, but i couldn't figure out how to get it on E drive where i wanted it be cause it automatically installed on my C drive. I thought, no problem, and after it installed I simply moved it back to E drive. That's when I started to notice new problems. First of all, my guid changed to a new one, so I went and changed it on my forum profile. Second, x-fire stopped detecting cod as an installed game. Third, no matter how many times I changed filters or refreshed, I couldn't find FA servers on the list to join. OK, so I fixed the x-fire detection problem by putting cod back into C drive, where I really don't want it, so x-fire detected it again, but I'm still having issues joining because the game won't find our servers (except the mod, for some reason) and if i try to launch from x-fire it also fails. the only way I've been able to get on is by joining someone already in-game. So, I can play HC mix again, as long as a friend is already there. But my c drive has too much stuff on it and my big empty E drive has nothing in it. I would really love it if someone would be my hero and spell out step by step how to fix this. I am willing to Delete and re-install everything ( cod, x-fire, patchs, patch selector) from the ground up if that is what it'll take to get everything back to e-drive and working properly, s I can play both 1.6 and 1.7 servers and re-join my wonderful FA family again. Right now, I feel lost and frustrated by my lack of competency in these matters. I'm pullin' out my dreads, and simply want to get back to the care-free gaming that I've grown to love so much. PLEASE HELP ME!?

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Did you try the version under the "OUR KILLBOX SERVER IS ONLINE" topid? i downloaded that one yesterday and its working great..


ohyes, and buy more RAM id say. itll help loads more. i used to just have 2gigs, but now have 4gigs, nd its much better. But alas, XP can only recognie 4 gigs, so remember that...I believe crucial .com helps u find what RAM u need

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