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On a sunny day


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Hey everyone !


I've been playing ET for a long while now, been playing since 2008 or something. I used to be in a clan called CCCP closely affiliated to EoW, and when CCCP got dismantled, I joined EoW, invested myself until I got Recruiting Leader spot. EoW is Enemies of War, a clan that died a year or 2 ago, and I believe FA already recruited a few of ex EoW members. I quit playing when EoW died. I now play sporadically, logging on once in awhile hoping to see familiar faces ! I have a lot in life, and spare time is rare, but I always love a good game of ET.


Other than gaming wise, I do a lot of music. I am Quebecois, French Canadian, love to write, rap and play instruments. I'm often out in shows, local artists and notorious artists, depends on the money and the night of the week, but I enjoy a good show. I've been practicing taekwon-do since 2003-2004, I am now a blackbelt and teach regularly (since I'm still studying, my money income relies on the teaching). I love biking too, often leave on bike trips to the wild locations of Quebec, or simply to go meet people in a cabin and party. Like most dudes, love girls (nothing against homos), like sports and weapons (and video games of course haha). I guess that goes pretty much over who I am.


Pleased to introduce myself,


Your luck,



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