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Arguement with my mom


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So yeah me and My mom had a huge fight, I need your help to sort things out!


She said I couldn't go out tonight because I was imature and I didn't follow the rules, plus she said I was mean. So here what I answered back:




- I'm really respectfull, I didn't insult anyone, in fact, you're the one that's agressive here and call me names. (Grow up, shutup, agressive tone) (she really did guys ;( )



- I did follow the rules, I got banned for TKing when I didn't tk. I'm a progamer, I know when I TK ppl and I didn't.



But hey she will probably never accept that she's wrong. Another huge point of imaturity.



SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? My mom can be so uptight sometimes. I bet she's into BSDM.


And now the worst part is she locked herself in the bathroom, I think she's crying or something.

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