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Nero Wolfe

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One of the best shows out there. Not by the story and unthinkable twists in it but by the play. The episodes start with listing up "The players" not the actors and theres the fun part of it, namely Timothy Huttons and Maury Chaykins interaction in the teleplays. The show goes by the classical "gather all suspects together in one room and pick one up" detective story. So its not what they are doing but how, how Nero Wolfe being very picky on lunch his personal Chef Fritz is preparing, how Wolfe doesn´t move much -well besides his lips moving when he solves the case and thinking intensely- and lets his errands ran by Archie Goodwin. All is played out so fine and its funny to see how Archie plays with Nero promising to leave in every second episode. So for conclusion Id say most satisfactory, indeed.

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