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Weird crounching


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Hello guys!


Yday my friend sent me a message that he screwed up his ET and help him. I reinstalled everything him via teamview(saved etkey but not the config) and when he choosed his crosshair etc again he told me there is one thing, one annoying he cant get rid of.


When he moves while crounching his view is leaning, or i dont know how could i say. He cant really aim with it, cant use the sniper scope. I couldnt see it with !specing him so its so option that he had with his old config and doesnt have optioned now.


Hope you guys understand :P


Here is a low quality xfire video(et demos are displayed with own settings so the problem is not visible)

Check out for the leaning and the sniper scope. http://www.xfire.com/video/49d8ba/


Hope you have some suggestions, to me its weird since i reinstalled ET many times but never had such problem. He said his view is waggling(idk if word waggling makes sense:P)


I made the topic because his english is bad due to his age and couldnt really describe his problem, it was hard for me as well and not sure if it was understandable lol.



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Helped thanks a lot, those commands were unknown for me lol but it was messed up at my friends config.


His name is Kovi/*Ubi 8) dont wonder if he sends you a message with a thanks :)

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