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While most teens would freak out at the sight of their mother in her skivvies, Michael, an 18-year-old New Zealander, saw his mom's nudity as a good opportunity to make some money.


The young Kiwi tried to auction off "five naked photos of Mum" to annoy her after the pair had an argument, he told the Herald on Sunday newspaper. Apparently his parents told him he could sell any "unwanted items" found in the family's garage on the auction site Trade Me (think eBay for that hemisphere).


Trade Me took down the auction the next day, deeming it inappropriate content. However, this didn't stop Michael from creating a new set of "glamour" shots (including an underwear pic) of which mom, Jennifer, approved. Unfortunately for this family, Trade Me pulled this off the auction block as well.


While most mothers would be relieved to have this off the Web, Jennifer is a bit ticked off.


"They are quite artistic," she said. "There is nothing dodgy about them. I wanted 50 percent of the sale, but more than that I miss the nice comments."

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