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G'day MaKy here hoping this is the correct way to officially apply for F|A clan membership. Introduced myself earlier but basically mad for the game E.T and enjoying the camaraderie with other players including members. L3 admin over 210k xp and lucky to have a partner( mother of my children) who loves the game to.


Game Name: MaKy

Xfire : none as yet

Location : Adelaide South Australia

Age: 37

How often do you play: everyday

Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile: Yes i have

Do you use vent ( Yes / No (If not why not?)): No Have no idea what it is yet

=F|A= Server you play on most : I play mostly on =F|A= beginners

Your expertise Tactical nouse

Do you have VIP membership: No

Have you donated: No

Will you be able to help in recruiting?: Yes

What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: Longevity, Reliability and Adult responsibility .

Referral (Which member referred you):=F|A=Stabak


Tell us about yourself: Love the game, Am semi professional musician, Love Aussie football and an avid reader of WWII history.

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