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Hey Everybody

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Hey people, just made an account on the forums so I thought i'd post something here


I've been playing on =F|A= servers for quite a while and i've talked to quite a few members, I love the community so I plan on applying to join


My name's Ashley (please call me Ash, I hate Ashley -.-) I'm 16, almost 17. I live in Oxfordshire in England


Music and friends are my life, i'm literally always listening to music; Screamo, Death Metal, Viking Metal, Grindcore, Deathcore, Visual Kei, JRock, anything French/German <--- The main genres/types of music that I listen to, feel free to ask questions about bands or anything like that..


I live for my friends, i'm the 'Advice Guru' Always there to help people, no matter how close we are, i've been told i'm mature for my age, i've grown up quickly... I've stopped atleast 15 suicide attempts I've stopped people cutting, binging, drinking, starving, purging, burning etc etc.. Name a problem, i've probably helped somebody cope with it at one point or another.


I'm extremely active on CoD4, I don't play much because of my bad internet connection, but i'm always talkative, and always trying to get rid of players who don't follow the server rules


Any questions, feel free to ask


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