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Want to be "famous" and make a lot of cash ?


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May some of u know/dont know one of the most popular persons on youtube Shaycarl who decided to make video diary of the last year of his 20′s ... He is a perfect example how to make carrier via YT....

This is His story on FORBES blog :


BoomTuber #1: ShayCarl and the ShayTards


Sometime this year, online video comedian Shay Butler and his family’s YouTube channels will likely pass a half-billion upload views. At the heart of that success is a quintessential man-child. Butler, best known as Shaycarl, has created a series of reality shows that could draw comparisons to a cleaned-up Osbournes, with a dash of “Tool Time” sensibility and a question that sparks the classic American family sitcom: How did HE get HER to marry HIM?


ShayCarl may play the fool to wife Katilette’s exasperated straight woman on YouTube, but he’s not clowning around. His collaborative production company, recently featured in The New York Times, is just one of many examples of how he’s parlayed comedic snippets into a budding online mini-empire. But that manic part? Yeah, that’s real. After sending seven questions via email to Butler, I received a 2,000+ word block of text in response.


What he sent was an epic tale about a young man seeking his place in the world, happened upon YouTube and found his way to internet stardom. Here’s that story:


Shay begins…


“It was a dark and stormy night.” I was born on March 5 1980 in Logan, Utah to my parents Carl and Laurie Butler. I am now 31 years old. I am the oldest of 4 kids. We lived in Logan, Utah till I was 4 years old and my parents decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona so that my dad could go to college as an electrical engineer. Four years later after, he graduated, he got a job in Pocatello, Idaho working for a semi conductor plant. Growing up in Pocatello I played multiple sports including basketball, football, track, baseball and really got into skiing. There was a mountain called Pebble Creek Ski resort that was less than 30 minutes away and we went there every chance we got. A couple summers I worked clearing trees, brush and rocks from the mountain in exchange for a season pass. My Junior and Senior year became dedicated to skiing as often as possible. I stopped playing almost all sports except for soccer and would ski 60 to 80 days a winter. Often skipping class or running up to the hill to get a few runs in after school.


Goes on mission…


Being raised as an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, “The Mormons,” I became an Eagle scout, and after graduating high school, I went on a full-time church mission to the West Indies for 2 years. I served in Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana, which is the ONLY English speaking country in South America.


Returns home, meets a girl …


Once I returned home from my mission I started to make plans to go to college at Idaho State University in Pocatello. I had a friend whose brother was in a local community theatre group performing the musical “Anything Goes.” He invited me to go with him to watch it. At this play, a 19-year-old brunette by the name of Colette Crofts was playing the role of Reno Sweeney, a classy night club singer on a cruise ship. She was beautiful and could SING. I feel like it was love at first sight. I even went so far as leaning over to my friend Derek and saying “I WILL marry that girl.” After stalking her around campus for the next 3 weeks I finally got a date with her. Nothing serious — just wakeboarding at the reservoir with a bunch of friends. Just as I thought. I was totally in love with this girl. I would have proposed at the end of the first date, but I felt that might have come across as a little forward.


They marry…


A REALLY long story, short: After about a year and a half of dating I finally convinced her to marry me. We were engaged for barely 2 months and were married in the Idaho Falls, Idaho LDS temple on January 3rd 2003. We began to have children rather quickly and our first son was born 11 months later on December 3rd 2003.


He goes to work…


I have had almost every job under the sun, it feels like. One of the first jobs I took was as a door to door pest control salesman in Raleigh, North Carolina. We moved out there with 4 or 5 friends of mine and knock on doors selling $400 annual pest control contracts and my wife worked in the office scheduling the treatments and customer service.


He goes back to school…


After the summer was over we moved back to Idaho and I continued my education. I finished most of my generals and was considered a Junior but on the arrival of our second kid and first daughter, I was getting tired of sitting in college classrooms having just paid $300 dollars for some stupid book that would become obsolete the next semester — as the author would have made a second edition — and I would only be able to sell my book back for like 3 bucks. I felt like I was just part of a big scam JUST to get this little piece of paper that said I was qualified to get a job somewhere. I was more interested in gaining knowledge. I would take classes that were interesting to me but they would be on the required classes that I needed to tack for my program or whatever. So one frustrating morning where I was late, because my daughter had been up all night, I couldn’t find a parking spot on campus I just said screw this I am done with college. I like to tell people the reason I dropped out of college is because I couldn’t find a parking spot. Which later was part of the inspiration to co-produce a song with talented YouTube musician NicePeter called Best Spot in the Lot, which has been downloaded/viewed hundreds of thousands of times.


He goes back to work …


I have always been very entrepreneurial minded. Often times while I was sitting in class listening to my professor ramble on I would think to myself: I could be out there making money right now. I felt like going to college was holding me back and keeping me from creating something now. Among the many things that I have done while looking for “What I was going to do when I grew up:” I was a school bus driver, a car salesman, an after-school program teacher. I worked with mentally handicap kids, I was a prep cook, and even spent some time trying out different multi-level marketing schemes. I eventually got a job as a granite countertop laborer and worked cutting polishing and installing granite counter tops. After doing this for three or four years I decided I never wanted to work for anyone ever again.


He starts his own business…


I started taking classes to get my real estate license and ended up starting my own granite countertop business called Rock Tops! I remember the day that I went to buy my truck and trailer was one of my most proud moments. I was building my own business. I loved deciding the name and designing the logo and stickers for my trailer. Even though I didn’t love doing granite, I loved that it was mine.


He gets a computer…


After about eight months or so of running my granite business and selling a few homes as a real estate agent, we bought our first computer. We had just had our third child, a second daughter. I went to my wife and said that I think we should buy a computer. I will never forget what she said, she said “What will we use it for?” I didn’t know the answer? I had barely used a computer at ALL in my life. I was 27 years old and only had a hotmail. I never even took a computer or typing class in any of my schooling, except playing Oregon Trail in elementary school, but I wasn’t very good at it. I always got Dysentery and those stupid oxen kept dying.


He finds YouTube…


I remember the night that I first got this $499 dollar Dell laptop up and running, I went to YouTube and just blindly started watching videos. I thought it was amazing! I could type in just about anything that I thought was cool and watch a video of it. I found DaxFlame and sxephil and made the connection that these dudes had a following and people were engaging, commenting and reacting to what they were saying. It was fascinating to me. I remember looking up and seeing that the sun had come up and that I had been on YouTube all night long. After that it’s all history.


He starts making videos …


I remember thinking “I could totally do that” I started posting videos and even entered a contest that sxephil was having. He liked me and made me one of the top 5 finalists. I received a few hundred subscribers and was hooked. I remember the first e-mail I got from somebody asking me to hurry up and make a new video. It was amazing to me that some dude across the country was taking the time to send me an e-mail asking for more videos. I remember waking up and feeling like I got to make a video I don’t want to let this guy down. I loved the feedback and the gratification was instant. I would film some random thought I had about hand sanitizer or gas prices or me dancing in my wife’s old uni-tard and I would upload it and people were instantly there to tell me if they thought it was funny or not. I loved the communication and the community of it all.


He quits his businesses…


The second I learned that I could make money and support my family doing this I wanted to quit being a granite and real estate guy and start doing this FULL TIME. I got a job as a weekend radio DJ at Z103 and my life took a 180 degree turn. I started making more and more videos and stated doing live shows on Blog TV from the radio studio. I was performing for 2 different audiences at the same time. It was crazy when the online audience started to become bigger than the radio listeners.


He starts his YouTube enterprises…


I became a YouTube Partner February 2008 and got my very first AdSense check April 24, 2008 in the amount of $367.40, for a month’s worth of videos. I COULD NOT believe that I was actually getting money for being “entertaining” I knew that my family couldn’t live on less than 400 bucks a month, but the wheels in my head were turning. I immersed myself into YouTube. Whether it was going to any gathering I could go to, collaborating with everyone I could, reading comments for hours, watching other YouTubers, reading anything I could get my hands on about this new flourishing medium that was exciting and WAY ahead of the curve. It was CONSTANTLY on my mind. It was simultaneously the most fun and hardest job I had ever had. I was CONSTANTLY thinking about ideas and how I could make things better. What were some tricks of the trade I could use that others were implementing? Or trying to think of ones on my own. This went on for months.


Then he has THE idea …


I was about to turn 29 and I thought this is going to be the last year of my 20′s I want to do something monumental. I started hatching this idea of doing a video vlog every day of my 29th year. By this time I had worked up enough viewers that I was making almost 2K a month. What once helped pay for groceries and utility bills had now turned into our main source of income. There were a few very tight months in the transition of making more money on the Internet and slowing down on my granite business and real estate deals, that we had to suck it up and go without things. My wife believed in me and never complained about buying second-hand furniture and clipping coupons just so that we could get by. Once we started the daily vlogs our viewers and pay immediately tripled. It was amazing!!! I was now making more money than I had ever made doing something that I actually LOVED doing. I had never committed myself to anything as much as I was to creating this online persona and developing a business plan for what we did. Now. here we are almost three-and-a-half years later, and I have been making daily vlogs for over two years.


[Whew! Let's catch our breath for a second.]


How did the Name-tard idea come about? And I wonder if you’ve received any negative reaction to that?


The name shaytards was a name that really stemmed from me wearing my wife’s uni-tard on more than one occasion. I once had a contest with a couple of my friends to see who could stay awake and constantly be streaming a live show on Blog TV for the longest. I ended up staying awake and broadcasting live for 42 hours and winning the competition. At one point during the whole ordeal someone in the chat said. “This is so exciting! I’m getting SHAYTARDED” Then all the people who were on my team who wanted me to win started calling themselves the SHAYTARDS! It just seemed to fit and wasn’t meant to be offensive at all. It was a name we were proud of. Some people claim their eternal allegiance to the SHAYTARD REBELLIONITES ARMY! After the competition was over, I decided to start a new weight-loss channel in October of 2008 and named it SHAYTARDS. Well this is the channel that the daily vlogs eventually started, on March 5, 2009, my 29th birthday — and the rest was history. As of right now, there are 823 videos on my SHAYTARDS channel that equal 325 million views.


How do you decide when to turn the camera on?


I would say one of the most important things to learn as a vlogger, if you want to be successful, is to know WHEN to turn the camera on. I don’t shoot hours of footage all day and then wade through editing the entertaining moments into the video. I use about 90% of the things I shoot. I like to get 1- to 3-minute segments and then turn the camera off. When something is already naturally happening, I have taught myself to remember to get the camera out. Funny life moments that I suspect to be entertaining. Like the kids going through airport security for the first time, or a moment when I catch the girls putting on a concert for their dolls & singing the new Katy Perry song. It’s difficult to just turn the camera on and try to make something spontaneously funny. It will feel much more natural to the audience if something is really happening that is fun or funny and I just happen to be rolling on it. This doesn’t always happen, however. Sometimes I have to leave the camera on longer if I know I’m trying to catch a moment like RockTards first steps or the time we were on hold for 20 minutes with popular radio personality Dave Ramsey waiting to scream WE’RE DEBT FREE! for his debt free Friday show. For the most part I get anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes of footage a day and edit them to be quick and fun.




info : Forbes

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I watch it sometimes :) I enjoyed watching Shaytards before, lol don't laugh at me. But now... meh :) idk.. don't like it

i watch it too :D

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