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STARWARS KotOR2 MULTIPLAYER!!! (thnx to Kao lol)


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DAMN f***ING STRAIGHT MY NIGGERS! Kao is my main nigro on this one here, he linked me a vid and i have been waiting FOREVER for this game to come out! The original SW KotOR 2 (for loners who dont know this is StarWars Knights of the Old Republic) was a graphically intense game for its time, with over 50 hrs of continuous gameplay, the first KotOR was quite similar, however this new one wins HANDS DOWN!!!! Hats off to lucasarts for their hard work and persistance =) CANT WAIT! :D:D


2 things guys... disable annotations (bottom right corner button on vid then top choice on the menu) and and and!!! put it off HD or HQ cos ittl lag the video =) have fun


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