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Looking for Input!

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So Great News F|A Now has there own BF2 server!!! B) It is up and running but we will tweaking everything from the name to all game settings over the next couple of weeks. The IP is




We are looking for suggestions for everything ROE, Server Name, Server setting preferences ect. We need members to get on and play the server and give us their input. If we are going to make this server as successful and our others we will need players input. If anyone would like to schedule a time ot get on and play please feel free to PM me or add me on Xfire, (warmongrel77).


I hope you are all as excited as i am about this new edition, and i will look forward to fraggin you all there! :mad

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max ping to 300

omg delete banner "tk vehicle=ban permanent" i think nobody wants lose points lol


add rule no kamikase "ramming intentional" results= only "warn" no kicks or bans


lets test conquest


it work?

MapList.append "operation_clean_sweep" "gpm_cq" "64" ?


add some big maps :D


I am free this and next week, let me know u need help to change the settings.



hy man FF 1 fail fail i cant owns us with my aircraft.


sv.soldierFriendlyFire 0

sv.vehicleFriendlyFire 0

sv.soldierSplashFriendlyFire 0

sv.vehicleSplashFriendlyFire 0

sv.tkPunishEnabled 1

sv.tkNumPunishToKick 3



spawntime 15 (respawn before death/respawn)


stamina full never end , i need run run run...


is just my opinion, Thx


back to conquest

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