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Here are some basic binds for chat. 'X being key that you wish to bind. just put the ^colors that you want

/bind X vsay Hi - "Hi!"

/bind X vsay Bye - "Bye."

/bind X vsay Cheer - "Yeah!"

/bind X vsay GreatShot - "Great shot!"

/bind X vsay GoodGame - "Good game!"

/bind X vsay Affirmative - "Yes!"

/bind X vsay Negative - "No!"

/bind X vsay Thanks - "Thanks"

/bind X vsay Welcome - "You're welcome."

/bind X vsay Oops - "Oops!"

/bind X vsay Sorry - "Sorry!"

/bind X vsay NeedBackup - "I need backup!"

/bind X vsay CoverMe - "Cover me!"

/bind X vsay NeedEngineer - "We need an engineer!"

/bind X vsay NeedOps - "We need Covert Ops!"

/bind X vsay Medic - "Medic!"

/bind X vsay NeedAmmo - "I need ammo!"

/bind X vsay WhereTo - "Where to?"

/bind X vsay PathCleared - "Path cleared."

/bind X vsay EnemyWeak - "The enemy is weakened."

/bind X vsay AllClear - "All clear."

/bind X vsay Incoming - "Incoming!"

/bind X vsay FireInTheHole - "Fire in the hole!"

/bind X vsay OnDefense - "I'm on defense."

/bind X vsay OnOffense - "I'm attacking."

/bind X vsay TakingFire - "Taking fire!"

/bind X vsay MinesCleared - "Mines cleared."

/bind X vsay FollowMe - "Follow me!"

/bind X vsay LetsGo - "Let's go!"

/bind X vsay Move - "Move!"

/bind X vsay ClearPath - "Clear the path!"

/bind X vsay HoldFire - "Hold Your fire!"

/bind X vsay DefendObjective - "Defend our objective!"

/bind X vsay DisarmDynamite - "Disarm the dynamite!"

/bind X vsay ClearMines - "Clear the mines!"

/bind X vsay ReinforceDefense - "Reinforce the defense!"

/bind X vsay ReinforceOffense - "Reinforce the offense!"

/bind X vsay DestroyPrimary - "Destroy the primary objective!"

/bind X vsay DestroySecondary - "Destroy the secondary objective!"

/bind X vsay DestroyConstruction - "Destroy the construction!"

/bind X vsay ObjectiveDestroyed - "Objective destroyed!"

/bind X vsay RepairVehicle - "Repair the vehicle!"

/bind X vsay DestroyVehicle - "Destroy the vehicle!"

/bind X vsay EscortVehicle - "Escort the vehicle!"

/bind X vsay CommandAcknowledged - "Command acknowledged!"

/bind X vsay CommandDeclined - "Command declined!"

/bind X vsay CommandCompleted - "Command completed!"

/bind X vsay ObjectiveFailed - "Objective failed!"

/bind X vsay ObjectiveCompleted - "Objective completed!"

/bind X vsay IamSoldier - "I'm a soldier."

/bind X vsay IamMedic - "I'm a medic."

/bind X vsay IamEngineer - "I'm an engineer."

/bind X vsay IamFieldOps - "I'm a field ops."

/bind X vsay IamCovertOps - "I'm a covert ops."

/bind X vsay FTAttack - "Attack!"

/bind X vsay FTFallBack - "Fall back!"

/bind X vsay FTHealSquad - "Heal the squad!"

/bind X vsay FTHealMe - "Heal me!"

/bind X vsay FTReviveTeamMate - "Revive team mate!"

/bind X vsay FTReviveMe - "Revive me!"

/bind X vsay FTCallAirStrike - "Call airstrike!"

/bind X vsay FTCallArtillery - "Call artillery!"

/bind X vsay FTMortarBarrage - "Call mortar barrage!"

/bind X vsay FTResupplySquad - "Resupply squad!"

/bind X vsay FTResupplyMe - "Resupply me!"

/bind X vsay FTExploreArea - "Explore area!"

/bind X vsay FTSatchelObjective - "Destroy satchel objective!"

/bind X vsay FTInfiltrate - "Infiltrate!"

/bind X vsay FTGoUndercover - "Go undercover!"

/bind X vsay FTProvideSniperCover - "Provide sniper cover!"

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