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How to Join/Apply for Fearless Assassins:


We expect our members to be active more than once a week, be loyal to his community members, and be able to follow all rules and regulations of the community. Joining =F|A= requires a team player that will be able to get along with his guild, maturity, and of course a good person. You must be 16 or older to join. Members under the age of 16 will undergo an extended recruitment phase.


Things to know before you post an application.

1. If someone is looking for just community tag then this is not the place for them.

2. If you are looking for admin level then please it ain't going to happen so fast.

3. In the end joining Fearless Assassins is by invite only! You can post your application so we know you are interested in joining us.

4. You will need to be active on forums also in order to join us.

5. If you are invited to community, you will be member on our all servers and game. i.e. If you get invited to community for Black Ops you will be also community member in all others servers which Fearless Assassins has.

6. Once you get invited you will be on trial membership. Trial period may last from 1 hr to 6 months depending on each individual. We will post on your application once you are first accepted for trial. In order to get promotion faster you should check this topic.

7. If we ever find you doing admin abuse or if you somehow get caught using cheat's you will be removed from community and you will be banned on our servers and forums.


The only reason to add trial period is because you can know other members from each time zone and get familiar with rules before you officially re-present Fearless Assassins Community.


Check our community guidelines, admin structure, VIP benefits, etc by CLICKING ME.


Please post your information in the separate thread. And DO NOT SPAM the application threads.

Don't forget to Create a little Presentation and say hi here: Introduce Yourself

Thank you.


Make a New Topic and copy and fill out this app:


Game Name:

Xfire and/or Steam:

Location :


How often do you play:

Do you use vent ( Yes / No (If not why not?)):

=F|A= Server you play on most :

Your expertise ( Coding, Web designing, Photoshop, etc) :

Do you have VIP membership:

Have you donated:

Will you be able to help in recruiting?:

What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us:

Referral (Which member referred you):


Tell us about yourself:






If you use vent on regular basis you have better chance since all members can talk to you in real time.



If you don't have xfire download it from here.



We are looking for good html/php/website developers, map moders/scripters and graphics/image/signature makers who can help us to offer things better. If you have experience with any of the mentioned things you will have greater chance to join us or in most cases you will be invited instantly.


Don't bump your applications unless its moved to inactive section. +2 bumps will result in denying your applications. We look at "each" applications. Some are just 1 day applications and some just need community tag or admin level. We take more time to approve so we get good community members who like our server and community members.


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