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villagun b1 - villagun_b1.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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villagun b1 - villagun_b1.pk3 and waypoints

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*** Villa Gun - beta 1 release (18/09/14) ***
* Author: islander
 Find me at dark-alchemy.com forum
- beta 1:
- Add Roof Gun
- Add Desert Spawn
- Add CP
- Add Villa Ladder
- Add Health and Ammo Cabinets points
- Change axis spawntime with active CP (27s)
- And finally: make the map BIGGER
- alpha 2b:
- One Gun only
- First public version

The map got a lot bigger than in previous release.
It should give you a better gameplay with more players.
Axis team has now more ways to defend the objective
and should not be vaporized with airstrike so easy.
The map is longer as now 2 guns need to be destroyed.
There is also a new allied capturable spawn.

As this was my first map I can see now many problems
mostly with VIS, visible caulk etc. Due to the design
it would take a lot of effort to fix all the issues
and the final effect wouldn't be worth it IMO. For this
reason this is probably the last release of this map
unless some major bug occurs.

If you are insane enough and to my surprise you would
like to get the sources of the map and edit it please
find me on dark-alchemy.com forum. And if you are reading
this in XXII century and I'm already dead please find
my friends from the Dark Alchemy community so they may
help you.

Thank you for testing to all Dark Alchemy members,
and especially Old-Owl for running the community
that without which this map wouldn't be born.

Thank you for WF Gaming Clan members for playing the map
and giving advices to improve the design.




* Axis:

Don't let the Allies reach the Villa and prevent them from destroying both Anti-Aircraft Guns!"

 "Primary Objective: Defend the Garden Anti-Aircraft Gun!"
 "Primary Objective:**Defend the Roof Anti-Aircraft Gun!"
 "Secondary Objective: Don't let them dynamite the Side Warehouse Entrance!"
 "Secondary Objective: Don't let them destroy the Villa Gate and rebuild it as fast as it's possible!"
 "Secondary Objective: Don't let them construct The Ladder!"
 "Secondary Objective: Recapture the allied Desert Spawn!"
 "Secondary Objective: Construct the Command Post for faster recharge and spawntime


* Allies:

Reach the Villa and destroy both Anti-Aircraft Guns to let our aircrafts start the city bombing!"

"Primary Objective:**Destroy the Garden Anti-Aircraft Gun!"
"Primary Objective:**Destroy the Roof Anti-Aircraft Gun!"
"Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Side Warehouse Entrance to gain a new way to the Villa Gun!"
"Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Villa Gate and reach the Villa Gun area!"
"Secondary Objective:**Construct the The Ladder!"
"Primary Objective:**Destroy the Roof Anti-Aircraft Gun!"
"Secondary Objective:**Capture the Desert Spawn!"
"Secondary Objective:**Construct the Command Post for faster recharge!

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