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sottevast pe - sottevast_pe.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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sottevast pe - sottevast_pe.pk3 and waypoints

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Sottevast PE (Final) / Public Edition

March 2010

Since Dersaidin released the sources of all his maps
to the public, it's alright to modifiy them.

Sid & Etch



An Axis V2 missile project has been advancing in a silo
facility called Sottevast. Allied spies have discovered
an attack is about to be launched from this secret silo,
and a small team of elite soldiers were mobilized to
prevent the launch.

Allies are attacking.


Allied objectives:

- (Primary) Capture the Targeting System
- Enter the silo facility by dynamiting the main entrance
 or by using a disguise
- Take control of the Axis forward spawn
- Construct the command post to activate a forward spawn
- (Optional) Open the side door to gain additional access


Axis objectives:

- (Primary) Defend the Targeting System
- Defend the silo facility's main entrance and prevent a
 covert entry
- Hold the forward spawn
- Stop the Allies from constructing a command post, or
 destroy it if it has been made
- (Optional) Keep the side door closed to hinder the
 Allied progress


Axis  : 20
Allies: 20

Information on bunker IRL:

Additonal pk3:

The additional pk3 contains a ETpro mapscript.
Works only with ETpro, NQ, and other mods wich are

+ Added Health and Ammo Cabinets to Command Post
+ Added Health and Ammo Cabinets and MG Nest to Side Bunker
+ Added Neutral Command Post to Bunker near Forward Bunker
+ Added Model for delivered Objective
+ Added Secondary Map Objective: Allies need to blow up the V2 Rocket
+ Fixed Tunnel Barrier appearance when under construction


Sottevast PE (Final):

+ Based on Beta 3b
+ Added tracemap
+ Removed all unnecessary files from the pk3
+ Ficed mapscript
+ Fixed spelling errors
+ Reworked command map
+ New levelshot
+ Sottevast is now shown on the right place in the
command map
+ Retextured the map in near every aspect, because with
the old textures this great map looked like shit

Sottevast (Beta 3b):

+ Tunnel barricade, can be constructed by either team.
+ Fixed scripting so that Allies will now get the forward
flag for 30 seconds when main door blows. (Previously
they had to be holding it to secure it for 30 seconds.)

Sottevast (Beta 3):

+ Spawntimes 30/20
+ Removed Team door near main door - Closed this tunnel completely.
+ Side door:
No longer dynoable
open/close by both sides
+ Edits to the flag building and flag scripting:
- Open the side with the two team doors (so theres no teamdoors,
just a big open side like on the middle side of the flag) Allies
will be able to attack caves without blowing anything.
- xis spawn in the other side of the building (which is now open)
- Flag is recaptureable
- Axis loose flag when main is blown, but can still recapture
it (wait 30 seconds)
+ Move allied CP spawns back onto the ramp. Increases distance and allows
allies to pick that hall above CP easier.
+ Voiceovers
+ Improved river banks
+ Mineable areas added around the rocket
+ End of round camera things
+ ETPro Fireteam locations

Sottevast (Beta 2):

- Flag can no longer be reclaimed by axis once a door has been blown.
- Changed terrain near main door. Added two bunkers. Added ladder with team door.
- Fixed CP's killed build box thingo.
- CP is now both Axis and Allied
- Fixed ladder out of river that you'd sort of get stuck on the top and fall back in
- Added another stair out of the water on the axis side.
- Moved Allied first spawn closer
- Improved command map .

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