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Fidel's Footy Return - ffr_final.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Fidel's Footy Return - ffr_final.pk3 and waypoints

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1] The Map ffr_final
Mapname: Fidel's Footy Return
Mapper: Fidel Castro
Editor: GTK Radiant 1.3.8
Q3Map: Q3Map2

The orginal Footy Mapping Idea is "stolen" from Gerbil,
which has mapped this Map for RTCW_MP under the name "Footy_A3".

I've played this Map in RTCW very often, so i thougt a revival in ET would be interessting.
I've contacted Gerbil....and he gave me his ok....to do this Map-revival.
Thx again especially to GERBIL.

--> Link to Gerbil:

I hope the total different Gameplay of this map created a difference to the other ET_Maps,
but i also know that it is not a big mapping Project like Remagen(BX), Bridge (Drakir) and so on....
....it was just a litte practising for my self in ET.
...and perhaps some players have fun with it.


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