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Ulmen b3 - Ulmen_b3.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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Ulmen b3 - Ulmen_b3.pk3 and waypoints

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Basic information
Author: destr!8r

Email address: destri8r@yahoo.com    //can mail bugs here
Webpage: http://anclan.nl

Release date: 21st March, 2009
Filename: ulmen_b3.pk3
Program: GTK-Radiant, Easy Gen, Photoshop CS3
Build time: started work 2008-12-20
compile time: BSP: 90sec, VIS: 4,5 hours
Compile machine: AMD Phenom 9850 X4, 4 GB RAM
Map information
Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
Map time: ?? min


Map Description

This map is based on a real existing village in Germany. Any objective accurs in this map has not happen in that village ever!
Axis took the village under their control and used it as their control center for upcoming missions.
Surrounded by hills it is nearly impossible to reforce the Axis power. Therefore axis send their best troop to this village in order to secure top secret documents and gold!
Though, Allied Intelligence found this village and made several air attacks and send soldier to that place to gain the power of the secret documents !


Map Objectives

Allied objectives:
*Steal the docs
*transmit them
*Destroy the 2 walls
*Steal the  gold
*Bring the  gold to the truck
*Escort the truck
*Destroy the barriers
*Construct the Generator
*Construct a Command Post

Axis objectives:
*Defend the docs
*Defend the 2 defense walls
*Defend the gold
*Build the 2 barriers
*Stop the Allies from escorting the truck
*Destroy the Generator
*Construct a Command Post


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