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one-way b3 - one-way_b3.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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one-way b3 - one-way_b3.pk3 and waypoints

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Author:        Qualmi
Date:        25.05.2010
Game:        Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
Homepage:   http://qualmi.de.tl/



An original map with a little bit of a different objective. What once started as a 1on1 map, can now be applied to
small servers with a maximum of 12 players.

Additionally there is an ETPro Mapscript supplied within this mapfile, making it possible to turn this map into a
deathmatch map.



An additional mapscript, turning this map into a deathmatch map, can be found in the readme folder of this .pk3. It
is called 'one_way_b3.script'.

Just copy it in your ET mapscripts directory and restart the server with the directory beeing set.


Unfortunately the ET Engine is very limited. Therefore the visual counter i originally planned soon hit that 32
remapshader limit.

You can see the seconds be remapped in the left corner below. The minutes are rotating above the coder.

Logically the counter works 100% accurate.


The map got inspired by a 1on1 i once played at Valhalla. Someone, cant remember the name today, introduced me into
that kind of gameplay, which he called, 'one way'. It was just that we meet constantly at a certain mainroad, to
avoid hiding and sneaking, so that the skill is reduced to aim and movement basically.

The first versions i released should have hit exactly that principle. But after coming back to mapping after a while
i had the feeling that it probably would be better to make it a little bigger. I tried to keep that one way principle,
but i fear it has become some kind of mixture now.


Post feedback or bugreports at -> http://1vs1free1on1.de.tl <- forum section.

Some Additional Information for Mappers

Build Time: 2 hours.

Also i am 1 year old and am a computer genius. I learned mapping in just one day and the compile time took me 1ns.
With half a year i learned the C programming language, when i was half and a third i invented the wheel. When i was
half and two third i realized that there was already a wheel. What a shame.

The rest of the day i spam people with how fast i am. I mean, everybody knows that everything must be based on
velocity nowadays. So why shouldnt i spam you with my timing results 😆

because quality takes time ?

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