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wario b3 - wario_b3.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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wario b3 - wario_b3.pk3 and waypoints

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Designed by .WAR|R0u$back.
Contacts: http://warclan.forumj.net
Xfire: rousback

Tools: GTK Radiant 1.4/1.5 - photoshop - paint



- the map fragmaze_fixed made by sl0wr0ck, on wich warmaze (my first map) is based/inspired (xfire of the creator of purefrag: sl0wr0ck)
- warmaze_b6, wich is the base of this map
- some textures from "textures_pitores" (eMail Address: me@Hourences.com)
- http://splashdamage.com/forums/
- http://easymapping.free.fr/html/ and many others websites of tutorials I can't remember...

Greetings/Thanks to:
>> The Splash Damage team for this wonderful free game
>> Fate (xfire: fmcfate) for his help to solve many issues I had while I was mapping... (Mapping tutorials http://fmc.hex.ee)
>>The .WAR|Clan. and his communauty for the tests, feed backs, ideas and advices, to improve this map...
>>.WAR|bitchy., who made the .WAR|Clan. logo. He also implemented the mario pictures on the wall texture.

If you use the map on your server please let me know, it's always good to have some feedbacks!

In no cases you are allowed to modify anything from this pk3 without permission. Leave it in his current state if you want to use it. If you want some modifications of the map just let me know (by xfire or .WAR|Clan. forums) and I will see what I can do about it.


briefing "Enjoy some frags in this maze!**Made by*^4.^0WAR^4|^0R0u$back^4.**warclan.forumj.net**mapping tutorials:*http://fmc.hex.ee"

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