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Hello everyone! To be honest I didn’t quite check to see if there was a thread for this or not but figured I’d start one anyways. If you like to BBQ or just want ideas for your next grill session then this is the thread for you! I’d like to start a place to share our BBQ, grilling or cooking ideas with friends! Here’s a shot of some Tri-Tip I smoked recently. 

Meat: Tri-Tip

Seasoning: Kosmos Cow Cover(heavy), Kosmos SPG(light) 

Cook Temp/time: 300*F, 1.5hrs I did an offset cook and added apple wood chunks/charcoal as needed to keep temp and smoke consistent. Last 30min of cook wrap meat in tin foil to lock in juices. Pull meat off about 145*F internal temp and let rest 15min before cutting. 
*Pro Tip* To keep moisture in your meat use a spray bottle and mist your meat every 20min or so. I use coca-cola personally to give meat a sweeter outside crust and juicy taste. 


Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 4.14.51 PM.png

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