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  1. Thanks cheep appreciate the support Lol was jk emal! Why wouldn’t you play?
  2. What is your in-game name? Trendy What is your discord user ID? #0749 Have you read the rules? yee should officials of tourney be allowed to play?? *cough* emal *cough*
  3. Old game requires old bad ass mouse. Mx518!! Logitech! Or g5 weighted mouse works legiiiittt for ET
  4. @Masa_1964 nice! Only 8 years deep in auto service. Ford master tech, working on ASE’s right now since ford didn’t require any but Toyota does
  5. trendy

    Paintball anyone?

    It’s a pretty sweet game! Your gun fighting skills are just as important as teamwork skills! Can’t win these games by yourself!
  6. trendy

    Paintball anyone?

    Take few buddies with you cheep! Don’t wear tight clothes, keep it kind of baggy. And i would definitely do a little research before going it’s worth while! Vindstot yeah it hurts at first but the adrenaline is so much fun! Being able to shoot your buddies at like 12 balls a second! Intense!
  7. trendy

    Paintball anyone?

    Anyone here play paintball? Speedball for that matter?
  8. What’s up fellas, have any car related questions? Bring em here! I’ll be glad to help out. I’m a mechanic for Ford and Toyota and I know how expensive repairs can be and how sometimes they don’t make sense! Feel free to ask away and I’ll be happy to help any way I can. Cheers!

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