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Strawberry/Pepper arranged Rhum


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Hey everyone,


The sun is out, the virus soon (hopefully) gone, and Fighter summer pool party is incoming.

I thought, better be a good guest and bring something personnal.


What about a marriage between fresh fruits, rhum, and a touch of spices. So here we go for the recipe, very simple, very fast :



-500 grams (sorry pound users) fresh strawberries

-1 tablespoon black pepper (the one you prefer, althought Sichuan might be preferred cause they bring nice refreshing taste)

-2 tablespoon brown liquid cane sugar 

-1 liter 50° agricultural Rhum : I personnaly love the "Trois Rivières", but you could go for a "La Charette" or a "La Mauny" as well, and more generally every midrange agricultural rhum as long as it is about 50°.




Ok I already see the complaints : 50° is too much, 2 tablespoon sugar is too less. Well, debunking;

-50° is initial ethanol titration, by the end of the journey, it will be closer to 40° because : fresh fruits contain water.

-2 tablespoon sugar in 1 liter is too few : once again, fruits save us because they contain sugars. BUT you can taste your preparation 6 weeks after starting, and if you feel it needs more sugar, you can add then ! It's easier to correct at this moment, rather than putting too much from the start.


Then chop off the green part of your strawberries, and cut the fruits in four, so once immerged, the rhum can access every bit of your fruits, and extract the delicate taste molecules.




This is the longest step of the recipe, basically, once you've done that, just pour everything in a jar (must be larger than 1 liter, about 1,5 liter is enough):




Then pour the rhum, seal your bootle or jar, so there is no air exchanges, and go for a DELICATE (fruits are fragile) shaking. What I do is just turning upside down slowly several times:




Now is the hardest part of the recipe : wait three months AT LEAST



Serve at sunny evening this summer, gathered with friends and tales to the end of the night !




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