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  1. Hey all, A friend recently told me about the concept of the library of Babel, which I find amazing, but not easy to grasp because it involves very large numbers. So after wwatching a youtube video, it appears someone was crazy enough to mimic the Babel library : https://libraryofbabel.info/ And to grasp the probability of finding two consecutive words, well I dare you to random pick any book of the library and find those two words, so far I didn't even find one ! Damn, it also contains the futur as you can see in this particular page :
  2. igor

    what ur fav. song?

    Waow this topic is a goldmine , here's mine :
  3. igor


    Thank you all and i'll make sure to visit other servers
  4. Hey all, My name is Olivier, I live in Nantes, France. I played ET from time to time because until recently connection was hard. I really enjoy playing in jay3, especially when baserace comes in huehuehue (used to be panzerwar member). It feels really great to see such community still exists in that game, Keep on the good entertainment, See you in game
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