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Ode to the Panzerfaust


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Ode to the Panzerfaust


Panzerfaust oh Panzerfaust, i love the way you fly,

you kick the Medic in the ass and throw him in the sky.

Panzerfaust oh Panzerfaust, you don't move in simple lines,

you jump around the corner and explode the Engi with his mines.

Panzerfaust oh Panzerfaust, they all think they are so wise,

until you hit them from behind like a Covert in disguise.

Panzerfaust oh Panzerfaust, you are my weapon of choice,

from all the weapons in the game you are certainly the Rolls Royce!




You have to be at least 18 years old to read the last part:


Panzerfaust oh Panzerfaust, i'd f*** you if you just had a hole,

oh wait ... afk






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