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How to make weapons in the game Minecraft


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After a period of playing Minecraft game, you also have to consider building weapons for defense as well as ensuring your safety. In the game Minecraft there are 7 different weapons. So you learn the effect as well as the recipe for these 6 weapons to better protect yourself.


Like each of the tools in the Minecraft game that we used to guide you, each weapon is also made from different materials and offers different protective effects. Invite you to refer to the weapon crafting formula below to own the necessary weapons to protect yourself from these magical squares:
1. (Swords)

Sword is a melee attack weapon, although it attacks from close range but does very high damage. There are several monsters that are capable of dropping swords like:
Zombies (iron sword).
Pig zombie (gold sword).
Withered skeleton (stone sword).

Iron or diamond swords can also be obtained from trading with the blacksmith in the village. The sword can block the attack by holding the right mouse button. Damage from arrows and other ranged damage will be significantly reduced, but will slow players down.

Recipe for crafting swords:
1 wooden stick.
2 planks (2 pebbles, 2 iron bars, 2 bullion, 2 diamonds).
2. Bow

Bow is used to shoot arrows, to shoot animals or certain objects at a long distance, when archery requires arrows to be able to attack. The main materials are wooden sticks and silk string.

3 wooden sticks.
3 silk strings.

3. Arrow

The main effect of the arrow is to attach to the bow to shoot animals or objects at long range. The main ingredients are flint, wooden sticks and chicken feathers.
The arrow fabrication formula:

1 flint.
1 wooden stick.
1 chicken feather.

4. (Helmet)

Helmets are meant to protect the head, and there are 5 different types of helmets depending on the material they are made of. Each type of helmet will give a different amount of armor: a leather hat will be 0.5 armor, a gold hat gets 1 armor, a chain hat gets 1 armor, a helmet gets 1 armor, a diamond hat is 1.5 armor.

Armor fabrication formula:
5 leather (5 bullion, 5 fire, 5 iron bars, 5 diamonds).

5. Armor (Chestplates)

Armor protects the body, there are 5 different types of armor depending on the material they are made of. Each type of armor will give a different number of armor: Leather armor will give 1.5 armor, yellow armor gives 2.5 armor, chain armor gives 2.5 armor, iron armor gives 3 armor, diamond vest gives 4 armor.

Armor fabrication formula:

8 leather (8 bullion, 8 fire, 8 ingot, diamond).

6. Armor (Boots)
Armored shoes work to protect the feet, there are 5 different types of armor boots depending on the material they are made of. Each type of armor shoe will give different armor stats: Leather shoes give 0.5 armor, yellow shoes give 0.5 armor, chain shoes give 0.5 armor, iron shoes give 1 armor, needle shoes outlines give 1.5 armor.

Formula for manufacturing armor shoes:

4 leather (4 bullion, 4 fire, 4 ingot, 4 diamond).

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