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et carentan - et_carentan.pk3 and waypoints - Enemy Territory Map


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et carentan - et_carentan.pk3 and waypoints

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About This File

I.     A brief history
II.    Creation
III.    Map & objectives
IV.    Credit
V.    Thanks
VI.    Contact
VII.    Further links
VIII.    Extra and known issues
IX.     Copyright

I.    A brief history

This et_carentan was originally conceived as a complete and perfect reconstruction of Carentan, in order to pay tribute to this celebrated Call of Duty multiplayer map. In the mapping process, and with the consent of VS, the idea got adapted in honor of the alliance between SLUT and VS.

The map was to be subject to a complete transformation, ultimately attempting to give the map a Vietnamese war atmosphere. Hence, the map's name became a mere "vietnamization" of Carentan: "Kha Ran Than". Evidently, the map featured the VS Vietnam mod textures and sounds. Also, beside the original Carentan setting, the map was enlarged with a beach landing and a town plaza to better suit the 40 slot VS server.

In an initial phase, Kha Ran Than was to be provided exclusively to the VS clan to use on their VETERAN SOLDIERS-VIETNAM server. Later on it would, independently of the VS Vietnam mod, be made public for others when adapted to the original CoD Carentan setting, preserving the said enlargments.

II.    Creation

et_carentan was created by [SLUT] manwhore and [SLUT] Shagileo.
More info about them can be found on their clan's website: www.slutclan.tk or on the [SLUT] Forum: www.slutforum.tk

In the process, they received a great deal of help from other distinguished mappers, who will be thanked and credited later on in this readme.

The entire concept took about a year of weekend work to become reality, from somewhere in September 2008 to September 2009.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It must be emphasized the final result was achieved without ever decompiling anything from the original CoD map or any other map from any other game. Also, out of respect of the original creation, the map is provided with completely different textures than the CoD version.

Map structure and idea by [SLUT] manwhore
Shaders and (re-)texturing  by [SLUT] manwhore
Scripting by [SLUT] Shagileo

Mapped on a:

    Intel Pentium 4 ; 2.40 GHz ; Windows XP SP3 ; NVidia Gforce 4 MX 420
    Radiant : 1.4

III.    Map & objectives

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  • Category
  • Map Type
  • Map Size
  • Map Theme
  • Attacking Team
  • Waypoints
  • Known Issues


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