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Minecraft The Twilight Forest 1.16.3 For Minecraft


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Imagine… A green, flat world… Giant trees rising up around you… Fireflies twinkle, perched on the trees, lighting up the place, mostly plunged in semi-darkness. Other strange, hostile-looking creatures approach, shaking their limbs brutally in the hope of scaring you ...
Twilight Forest is a new dimension, adventure-driven exploration mod that takes you on a journey to encounter strange creatures, dungeon exploration, and much more.
Access to the Twilight Forest:
First of all, to access this new dimension, you will have to create a rather special portal. To do this, dig a deep hole in the ground of 1 block, and 2 × 2 cubes in length. Then arrange around this portal natural elements such as red and yellow flowers, but also mushrooms, herbs, using bone powder.

To activate the portal, you will need to throw a small diamond into the water. Lightning will fall and activate the portal!
Progression :
The first part to progress is to create the Twilight Forest portal. Creating a base in the dimension is suggested, but not required. Magic cards and a mod with a minimap are useful for locating dungeons and biomes.

Twilight Forest:

The first bosses to progress are in the Twilight Forest. Here is the list of bosses to fight:

Naga: You can find the naga in the Naga Courtyard structure. Upon death, you will receive Naga Scales and a Naga Trophy. Touching a scale will allow entry into the Lich Tower.
Twilight Lich: You can find this boss in the Lich Tower. When you defeat her, you will obtain a specter which will allow you to access the swamps and access the dungeons there.

Swamp :

The next step in progressing through the mod is to gain access to the swamps. You must have defeated and obtained the specter of the Twilight Lich or you will receive a starvation penalty if you enter the swamp biome without having followed this step.

Here are the bosses to fight in the swamp:

Minoshroom: You can find this boss in the labyrinth. You will need to defeat him in order to obtain meef stroganoff which, when consumed, grants access to the Fire Swamp biome.
Hydra: This boss can be found in the Fire Swamp biome in the Hydra lair structure. Once killed, it grants Fiery Blood and grants you access to the Dark Forest biome.

Dark Forest:

This is the third step in the progression of the Twilight Forest mod. In addition to its already extreme darkness, players will be inflicted with Blindness if they have not defeated the Hydra first. This can be circumvented if the player is wearing an enchanted helmet with Night Vision.

Here are the bosses to fight in this biome:

Knight Phantom: You can find it in the Goblin Knight Stronghold structure which is located under the Dark Forest. To access this fortress, you will need to find a pedestal and place a trophy there. Once the trophy is placed, the protection of the fortress will dissipate and you can enter it to defeat the boss. Once killed you will have access to the Dark Tower.
Ur-Ghast: The Ur-ghast can be found in the Dark Tower in the middle of the Black Forest. It will be at the top of the tower, along with many other monsters, such as Carminite Ghastlings, Towerwood Borers, and Carmine Golems. Killing him will allow you to continue your adventure to the snowy biomes. You have to get his Tears of Fire to progress.

Snowy Forest & Glacier:

In this fourth step, you will have to explore the snowy biomes of the mod. If you haven't done the previous steps, a penalty will freeze you and greatly slow your movement. Here are the bosses to fight:

Alpha Yeti: The Alpha Yeti can be found in the Yeti's lair, in the center of the Snow Forest biomes. Killing him will unlock access to the Glacier Biome.
Snow Queen: The Snow Queen can be found in the Aurora Palace, located in the Glacier Biome. Once you've killed her, you can move on to the final stages of progression.

The final stages:

There are three final steps to complete before you can complete the mod at 100%. Here are the final steps:

Troll: The Cave Troll and the Giant Miner can be found in the Troll Cave and Cloud Cottage. To complete this step, the player must obtain the item: Lamp of Cinders. Once the lamp has been acquired, the player can proceed to the next step.
Thorns: The Thornlands stage The penultimate stage of the Twilight Forest mod. It is completed by obtaining either a Thorns Block or a Green Thorns Block. This allows the player to move on to the final stage of progression.
Final Castle: This is the final step. However, no bosses have yet been implemented in this structure and you will have explored all of the content the mod currently offers.
The Twilight Forest Mod 1.16.3-1.16.2-1.12.2 Download Links:
Twilight Forest 1.16.3
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