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Minecraft Carry On Mod - Mod supports the block calf in Minecraft


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Carry On Mod is a mod version of the popular Minecraft game in the gaming community. This mod supports players holding blocks and mobs on hand in their journey to explore the vast Minecraft world, bringing a new gaming experience for users.

Carry On Mod is a simple game mod designed to enhance interactivity in the game, allowing players to select, hold and place single Tile Entities (such as a refrigerator, a fireplace, a blender. , springs and your favorite machines from other Tech Mods) with bare hands. Objects or hoes are not necessary.


For fans of League of Legends game, Mod Skin LOL is for the need to change outfits and dress up generals, change the appearance of the characters of the game, especially Mod Skin LOL is applied on all league games of the countries of the world.

Besides, Carry On Mod also allows players to hold smaller mobs.


Installation Instructions:
- Make sure you have the Minecraft Forge widget installed

- Locate the Minecraft application folder

On Windows, open Run from the start menu, type% appdata%, then click Run

On a Mac, open Finder, press ALT and click Go -> Library at the top of the menu bar. Open the Application Support folder and look for Minecraft.

- Put the mod you just downloaded (jar file format) into the Mods folder

When you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button, then the mod is installed.
Main features of Carry On Mod:
- Mod version of the game Minecraft

- Support players holding blocks and mobs in hand in their journey to explore the world of Minecraft

- Single blocks Tile Entities fridges, fireplaces, blender, springs ...

- Improve interactivity in the game
Download Mod : Carry On Mod
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