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Minecraft Ultimate Car Mod Automotive mods, road making, fuel production


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Ultimate Car Mod 1.16.4/1.11.2 delivers cars, roads, and fuel to minecraft, helping you explore the open world in a new - more modern and exciting way.

In Minecraft Ultimate Car Mod, there are many types of vehicles with different characteristics to choose from. Of course, before you want to drive any car, you need to produce fuel. Based on the process of producing bio-fuels from the real world, the developer Minecraft Mod has created a similar production system in the game. After refueling, you need to make a way to move. There are plenty of road design options and players get creative in Ultimate Car Mod for Minecraft.


Ultimate Car Mod Features

Types of cars:

1-seater car (6 colors).
    2 seater car (6 colors).
    Truck (2 seats, 16 colors).
    Truck with container (2 seats, 16 colors).
    1-seater sports car (16 colors).
    The car made a sound.
    Vehicles can withstand collisions and have directives on impact.
    The car needs fuel to operate.
    The car needs to turn on before driving.
    The vehicle has a speedometer and fuel.
    The car can lock.
    The car has space to pack.
    Car horn.
    Different vehicles have different fuel speeds and consumption.
    The car runs faster on the road.
    Car factory.
    Car repair tools.
    Build a car.
    Many car parts to build.


Square blocks of aces to make sugar.
    27 white line markers (lines or arrows).
    27 yellow line markers (lines or arrows).
    The person who draws the road symbol.
    The car is faster on the road.

Fuel production:

    Gasoline status.
    Gas tank.
    Biodiesel manufacturing.
    Grow cane oil.
    Refinery (the waste is mustard seed oil residue).
    Muster oil residue (can be used as food for livestock).
    Mixed reactor.
    Divided barrels (for sorting).
    Methanol extraction through the process of thermal fertilizer (waste is coal).
    Fuel production requires the use of electricity from generators.
    Generators need fuel to operate.
    Old-fashioned generators do not need fuel when operating.
    Fuel pipes.
    Fuel extracter.
    Small fuel tank.

Download Link :

Ultimate Car Mod



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