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ET Server Suggestion NQ1 suggestions


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Few things.


Is it possible to make it so the last player to join a team is auto moved when teams are uneven? ive seen it on other servers and it helps those like Vito who constantly moves (like a yoyo some days).


Also could you possibly make the map votes a bit better......Atm the map furthest up the list wins each time there is a tie vote as they all show as played never ,can this be fixed so in the event of a tie votes wise the map that was played longest ago wins sort of thing?  


Other than that the server is great and i appreciate all the hard work FA does with its servers.  :D

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Any news?, mainly the map vote system tbh as it gets really silly with the same maps voted over and over and over and over and over and as they all show as never played whatever map is higher in the list is the map your playing if its a draw votes wise. Like being stuck in a bloody loop some days and find myself wishing for an 8 map rotation just so we can play more than the same 4-5 maps over and over.





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