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  • Submitted: Apr 19 2013 08:00 AM
  • Last Updated: Apr 24 2013 01:19 AM
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Download V2 Base TE Final

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-| V2 Base Tournament Edition for Enemy Territory |-

Release date: 2004-05-04
Author: SteelRat
Map Name: V2 Base TE
BSP name: v2base_te
Gametypes supported: Objective and Stopwatch
Gametime: 20 Minutes

Modifications in Tournament Edition of V2 Base:

Docs now have the "clipboard" - not the orange missing texture.
2 doors removed in War room
2 windows added to walls in war room (for allies to have a chance to estimate what they are facing)
Fixed some clipping in the war room "office" where you could see hinding player models thru the wall.
Missing light texture in cieling downstairs is fixed.
Silent door near axis spawn is fixed.
Added a small shed near Allied spawn as a place to take cover in.
Added a small house ruin near the main entrance of fortress.
Added another underground passage that ends up in the small house in the V2 Base yard.
Added some crates and barrels to the V2 Base yard to take cover behind.
Fixed the spawnpoints so that they show up on the command map and are selectable.
Added some trees and dragonteeth outside the fortress.
You can still jump the base wall, but that barbwire has got a nasty touch now.
Reduced game time to 20 minutes.
Axis got 5 seconds longer spawn time.
Removed the tower spawn MG42.
Added some trees near Allied spawn.
Added wooden fence near Allied spawn and moved the door.
Added truck near Allied spawn.
Created some new shaders.
Added 2 new sounds.
Added some clips where needed.


I recieved requests from the community to make a new version of my V2 Base that I originally designed for RtCW, after giving it some thought
I decided to remake the map for ET as it was originally intended to be. This was not possible for RtCW for several reasons but mainly due to
me not having the level design skills required at that time.

I have added a couple new passages and still sticking to the general design of the original version, mostly to make it a little bit easier for
Allies to get into the fortress and I also added another way out from the underground bunkers.

I have also added a number of constructibles such as command posts and field MG42's, it is also possible to plant mines on the terrain.

Map Story

Axis have captured an old fortress and built a V2 Base test facility to evaluate the new V2 rockets, Allied forces have intercepted this information and are trying to steal the secret V2 Rocket design blueprints.

Map Objectives

Allied Objectives

Primary objectives:
*Steal the V2 Rocket blueprints from the Axis base.
*Transmit the blueprints using the base radio.
*Destroy the Base Wall to get free passage into the V2 Base.

Secondary Objectives:
*Capture the Fortress Tower Spawn.
*Destroy the basement storage wall for additional access route.
*Construct the command post.
*Construct the Fortress ladder for optional route into the base
*Construct the field and spawn MG42's

Axis Objectives:

Primary objectives:
*Prevent the Allied forces from stealing the V2 Rocket blueprints (When stolen sirens turns on globally).
*Prevent the Allied forces from transmitting the documents using the base radio.
*Prevent the Allied forces from destroying the Base Wall.

Secondary objectives:
*Construct the command post.
*Destroy the Fortress ladder (if constructed by Allies)
*Destroy the field MG42's (if constructed by Allies)

Put the v2base.pk3 file in your \etmain directory. The mapname is v2base_te if you want to add it to any script.

Special thanks to Ringa who helped me with details, icons, command map and good ideas.
Thanks to everybody who has been helping with the testing and all the regular players at the SteelRat's Cage ET server.
Thanks to Drakir for providing Health and Ammo Cabinet prefabs.
Thanks to all the helpful people at Splash Damage's Level Design Forum!
Thanks to Unter Elite for selecting V2 Base TE as a tournament map!

Contact info
Website: www.srcgaming.com
e-mail: [email protected]
IRC channel @ Quakenet: #srcgaming



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