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Zombie Warfare 1.0

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About This File


Call of Duty 4 : Zombie Warfare - Public Beta 1.0




Mod Construction:



Scripting by Seven


2D Art Work by Sonic & {UN}Jb.Wyatt


Sound Work by Code


Awe Map Vote Thanks to tally for allowing use of it :)






MyInternetServices - Providing a 54 Man Server + Website hosting and Redirect - Http://myinternetservices.com


XGServers - Providing a 54 Man Server - Http://xgservers.co.uk



Official Servers:



Thanks to 82ndID For providing Superb Servers to test this mod the past 3 months :) - |82ndID|Zombies US! By Seven - |82ndID|Zombies UK! By Seven



About Zombies:





CoD4 Zombies is based off the original CoD2 Zombies mod created by Paulus.

CoD4 Zombies was re-scripted by Seven on 4th November 2007, The first official

alpha test was ran on The Hunters Zombie server, but their clan broke up and

the server died. The mod then moved on to beta stage with Afterlife. and then

82ndID followed.


Who is who?


The hunters are the survivors of the zombie infection and have weapons to fend of the zombies.

The Zombies are infected humans that have to knife the hunters to bring them to there side.


The Game play:


The Game play of zombies is simple. The start of every round everyone is a

Hunter except for 1 player which will be the Zombie. A Zombie must knife a

hunter to bring him to his side, as the game progresses the amount of zombies

will continue to grow until all of the Hunters are over run. Once all the

hunters have been killed the game will restart with the last hunter to be

killed the new Zombie. (This can be changed to pick a random zombie on a

new round with a Dvar.)


The Future of Zombies:


Soon to come we will have custom character models for the zombies to make

them more "Civilian Zombie" like. and we will be also giving the zombies

weapons like the knife, katana and a baseball bat.

(This will only be for82ndID Zombies)


As standard you will get the character models and you can choose to use them

or not with a Dvar you will also get the view of the Zombies hands as if you

are seeing what the zombie sees. For the zombies if you choose to use instead

of empty weapons.






Instant Zombie:


This was a very usefull feature that i had designed in the CoD2 Days of Zombies, but never

brought it to a server. What this feature is when a "Survivor" is killed by a "Zombie" he will

instantly become a zombie on the spot of his death




Weapon Lasers:


A very Simple Functional laser on the weapons. Double tap "USE"(Normaly F) to dissable and re-enable it.



Setting up your server:



To start off you must create a folder named "mods\zombies" - Best keep it the same so every one

can keep their ranks when moveing from server to server.


This mod was designed for 1.5 and hasnt be test with new rank system on a lower version

So it may be unstable.


Upload all the files into the "mods\zombies" folder:


(Some servers run the configs from main, if your server does this put the configs there)








Server.cfg is a default config that comes with most servers but we have tweaked it to

run best on zombies with certian perks and hardpoints(airstrike, heli) removed.

(These settings have been trial and error test on the 82ndID servers over a long period of time)


The Awe.cfg has all the veriables that controls any awe features included into the mod.


Zombies.cfg has all the veriables that controls the zombie mod and all its features.


zompb.iwd holds the skins and sounds for the mod. if you wish to make modifications please make a 2nd iwd

file too keep everyone pure and dont have to download the same iwd over and over every time they go to

another zombie server.






If you would like to recive some support configureing your server

(We will not setup the server for you, but guide you) or if you wish

to leave us some feedback or bug reports please head over to:

Http://www.cod4zombies.com - The offical home of the Zombie Warfare mod.



Special Thanks:



|82ndID|Coach and the rest of 82ndID members that supported the mod.

Austrial {UN}United Noobs Members!

Paulus for Some Original Source from his CoD2 Version of Zombies.

XGServers for the Server

MyInternetServices for the Server and Website

The Zombie Mod Team - Code, Sonic, Jb.Wyatt






No one has any right to decompile/memory dump the .ff to steal or mod the source, if you

wish for somthing custom please request it on the site. www.cod4zombies.com, if found

to be using edited source we will be in contact with your provider for theft.

All files and source are copyright of EHD PRODUCTION © 2001 - 2008.

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