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ET Starter Pro 0.95 - etstarterpro_095.zip

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About This File

Short description: ET Starter Pro (ETSPRO) is an external third party utility for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gamers. Read the full description



Integrated patch selector - no more .bat files or multiple icons

Lets you manage a list of favorite servers, together with game version and private slot password (optional) and connect with one mouseclick

Built in server query tool, displays server information as well as a player list of the actual servers

Built in serverbrowser for all 3 ET versions (2.55, 2.56, 2.60) that lets you add your favorites easily or join a server directly

Lets you automatically start ET Minimizer when starting ET

Lets you automatically connect to a Teamspeak server when starting ET

Lets you automatically delete your etkey file when starting ET, to avoid common Punkbuster errors

Lets you automatically start a user defined application together with ET

Lets you automatically terminate user defined applications when starting ET (for example MSN Messenger, Trillian, etc.)

Takes etspro:// links from websites to directly join servers from any browser (Syntax: "etspro://server=ipstick out tongueort&version=version")

Lets you import and export your configuration to backup server list and settings

Lets you define player highlight tags

Added Ventrilo support

Gamma fix option to reset gamma after ET crashed

ET Pro Demo Tools - Cleans up your etpro directory to avoid demo playback errors and lets you watch etpro demos easily

Added server browser filters

It is now possible to execute each starting step individually

Lets you automatically delete profile.pid files when starting ET to avoid configuration resets

Added ability to add custom starting prarameters for starting ET locally, for example to start a mod

Lets you backup and restore etkey files

Added support for 2.60b

Minimizer now also startable when not connecting to a server

Updated PND server addresses


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