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Realistic Weapon - rwmod.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: rwmod.pk3

Skin name: rwmod.bsp





Are you tired of looking at the stock skins on your ET weapons? Are you tired of your friends pointing and laughing everytime you pull out your plastic-looking MP40? Are you tired of taking your water gun into battle, because they [just look the same?


Well, your prayers have been answered with this skin mod! Be the big man in the war again!




Some changes in this version include:


tank fire sound changed

mine "bounce sound" changed

silencer on/off sound changed

airsupport plane engine sound changed

dynamite explosion sound changed




::: What does it change ?


|new skin | new sound |

-colt [x] [_]

-PF [x] [x]

-MP40 [x] [_]

-Thompson [x] [x]

-M1 [x] [x]

-Stean [x] [_]

-fg42 [_] [x]

-k43 [_] [x]

-knife [_] [x]- sound only wgen stabbing something ;P


+tank fire sound changed

+mine "bounce sound" changed

+silencer on/off sound changed

+airsupport plane enginesound changed

+dynamite expl sound changed





just extract from rwas_v1.0.zip the pk3 file into etmain (located in X:\Enemy Territory Folder\etmain)




simply delete the rwmod.pk3 file from etmain




if it will look or sound better ... go ahead :]


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