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Chicken Bucket final 2

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About This File

Name: Chicken Bucket final2*
File Name: chicken_bucket_v2.zip
map-team-allies.gifOBJECTIVES (ALLIES):
1 "Primary Objective:Don't let the Axis control the jukebox."
2 "Primary Objective:Play the Allied song on the jukebox."
3 "Secondary Objective:Don't let the Axis construct a Command Post."
4 "Secondary Objective:Build a Command Post to reduce the time between reinforcements."


map-team-axis.gifOBJECTIVES (AXIS):
1 "Primary Objective:Keep the jukebox playing with the Axis song."
2 "Primary Objective:Don't let the Allies take over the jukebox."
3 "Secondary Objective:Construct a Command Post to reduce the time between reinforcements."
4 "Secondary Objective:Prevent the Allies from constructing a Command Post."


- Overview: what was supposed to be a peaceful meeting at a popular fast food place turned into a warground over the jukebox, given the conflicting musical tastes. After both sides constructed a Fort Concrete, the fight was on to see who will be the Bucket Masters!


- Map Information:
Filename: bucket_v2
Menu Name: Chicken Bucket
Gametypes: wolfmp wolfsw
Players: Up to 32 per team is supported


Chicken Bucket by Tasian

What's New in Version 2


  • Fixed the script so when a team wins, it constantly checks to make sure the jukebox is disabled.
  • Widened the drive-thru windows and placed vent ramps for easier access.
  • Filled in some missing textures.
  • Changed the spawn layout a little bit for easier access to the springing roof.
  • Added some late entries for the posters.