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RestoreET Version is released. This is an updated version of RestoreET Version which I released few weeks ago.


Note: Please use Version instead of Version as Version does not include auto update and it would not work since RestoreET needs the latest version in order to function.


Since Version, you need not keep checking F|A Download Section to receive the latest update for RestoreET. RestoreET will automatically check for updates and install the latest update. I have tested the updater and it works fine. I hope it works as it is suppose to. If you encounter any problems updating RestoreET, please contact me (blackknight8653) as soon as possible so I can issue a fix. Alternatively, you can manually download the latest version of RestoreET from F|A Download Section when it is approved or through my website. Thank you.


Those with Version need not download this new update as RestoreET Version will auto update to Version when launched. If there is problem updating, you can manually update by downloading this package. Thank you.


Some background on what is RestoreET:

RestoreET is a small application created after gaining an inspiration from -=Medic=-'s Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner.

You can see -=Medic=-'s forum topic on Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner through this link: Link

You can find -=Medic=- Version of Enemy Territory Auto pk3 cleaner here: Link


The aim of RestoreET is to be an All in one tool to backup and clean your ET Installation.


RestoreET is a small application, a compliment of ETManager, which provides users many options to backup their necessary files such as etkeys, mod keys (eg. silent keys), profiles, user configuration (eg. Autoexec.cfg). It also provides options to delete user files (eg.profiles, etkey, etc) and unused files (.tmp, .pid, custom menu pk3 files, custom sound packs, custom skin packs, etc).


Difference from -=Medic=-'s Version:



What makes my program different from -=Medic=- is that RestoreET does not have to be continuously updated to reflect changes to names for custom soundpacks and custom skinpacks. I made the process easier by allowing changes to be make server side without updating the program so it should be more convenient for users.


You can message me if there are any files you want to be whitelisted(to keep), files to backup or files to delete. Backup is not server side as I need to add checks to check the ET files that users have manually in the program.


Currently, RestoreET backs up ETKey, silent key and nitmod key.


The server check is not perfect but with help from the admin from wolffiles.de, most of the checks should work.





Supported Mods:


As of Version, RestoreET supports jaymod 2.2.0, noquarter 1.2.3, noquarter 1.2.9 beta, silent 0.8.2, nitmod 2.3.1 and etpro 3.2.6. More mods and versions will be supported soon.



NOTE: THIS PROGRAM REQUIRES AN INTERNET CONNECTION. This is due to the fact that the application compares files with an online official file list to detect which files are map files, mod files, custom menu files, custom sound packs, custom skin packs etc hence, allowing for more accurate backup and deletion of files.


I admit that the online official file list is not perfect. If you find any files that are deleted by mistake or not backup, please notify me (blackknight8653) and I will reply as soon as possible. The online official file list is continuously updated so please notify me if any files needs to be whitelisted. Thank you.


All backups are stored in your computers Documents Folder and the folder name "ETManagerBackup".


You can also use other programs which I have created such as ETManager (Note it is "ETManager" NOT "ET Manager")


You can find the installation instructions for RestoreET in the zip file in a text file named "INSTALL".

You can find the changelog for RestoreET in the zip file in a text file named "Changelog".

You can find the credits for RestoreET in the zip file in a text file named "Credits".


It is important to read the disclaimer as well which is located in the zip file in a text file named "Disclaimer".


If you have any feature request or support questions, please contact me (blackknight8653). I may add a local whitelist file in the future where users can add their own files that they do not wish to delete to the list.


Though I tested the application before releasing it, I would like to point out that I am not responsible for anything that might happen as a result of the use of the application. USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Alternative Download Link: Mega


Note: You need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 installed.


Required Files:


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 Official Download: Web Installer Offline Installer


Supported Platforms:



Tested on:

Windows 7 Professional


VirusTotal Result:




RestoreET(EXE) Hashes:


MD5 Hash: 9D7A4592A5917C290A1ECAB1806358CD

SHA-1 Hash: 44AC43F82259465B7A1753394DE7640E918C4566

SHA256 Hash: 9F174C680955B1E2D8F62F238BADD2735E77C0028EED266AEBE4DAA7CF47338D




Installation Instructions:


1) Download the zip file and extract it.


2) Copy the RestoreET.exe file in this folder to your ET Directory.

eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Enemy Territory\


3) Launch RestoreET.exe


4) Follow the instructions in RestoreET.exe




Version (10 May 2015)

Added ETPro Support


Version (4 May 2015)

Added Check for Internet Connection

Added Auto Updater

Added Nitmod Support

Added Support for other User Configurations


Version (21 April 2015)

Rewrote RestoreET (It now has more features and is much faster than Version


Version (4 April 2015)

Initial Release


Plans for the future:


Add support for more mods.

Add support for ETLegacy.

Add restore default configuration (Backup and Delete).

Add support for commonly used User Configuration (eg. changing graphics settings to HD, Normal, etc)

Add support for deleting screenshots and demos (Free up space)

Add support for deleting screenshots and demos that are older than a certain number of days.

Add Restore ET to Factory Settings

Add ET Patches

Add ET Fix (Fix common ET problems such as corrupted files, PB Install, etkey generation, etc)

Add install PunkBuster

Add Documentation.

Add Changelog.

Add Error Handling.



Known Bugs:
















Thank you. Please leave feedback so I can improve this product. Appreciate it. :)


ETManager and RestoreET is created by me (blackknight8653). You can follow me on Twitter: @blackknight8653

What's New in Version


  • Added ETPro Support

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