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  1. I do not think there is any longest word for the Chinese Language unless you are referring to the number of strokes per character. There are also 简体字 and 繁体字. 你好别来无恙。不知道有没有人也会中文。I am not sure but maybe some of you love chinese novels as based on recent news it seems some chinese novels are quite popular in western countries recently haha.
  2. @Shana Haha that was a fast reply. I understand. It is just a little difficult when trying to select options as it is difficult to tell what you are selecting. Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.
  3. Sorry I understand you might be busy but I am wondering if there is a fix for the cursor. I check the download section but I was unable to any pk3 fix by Shana. Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.
  4. @Xernicus Thank you Nice signature. I admire the photoshop skills. I am not that good at art. Haha though I love beautiful artworks. Another nice song Anime: Digimon Tri (The song should be familiar as I think it is a remake version of the old anime song during childhood.) I also include an additional song which is not from an Anime: I think it is a romance song though it is a nightcore version. I cannot seem to find the original. I think the song is released early this year. I hope you enjoy the songs I recommended.
  5. The ending is quite good :). It has been quite a long time since I visit this forum or play ET. I was too busy with studies (did not even have a single game on my computer as I did not have time to play them) I might play a little since I have breaks now.) @Zelly Hello it has been a while. Anime: Overlord Season 2
  6. After observing a few requests by many on how to embed YouTube Videos on F|A Forums, I thought I would write a tutorial to showcase and guide users on how to do that. I admit I faced the same issue before when I was a new user in this forum and was submitting my software in the Downloads Section. I manage to figure it out after trying out some commonly used BBCodes. Before I continue with the tutorial, I would like to point out one important point that users should take note of when embedding videos from Video Hosting Websites on F|A Forums - Users should not abuse this feature by embedding many videos in one post. This would be considered spamming which is not acceptable. Guide on How to embed YouTube Videos on F|A Forums : Lets begin with a scenario. You have uploaded a video on a Video Hosting Website eg. YouTube and wants to embedded your YouTube Video on F|A Forums. In this tutorial, we will be using my RestoreET Demostration Video which is hosted on YouTube as an example. Method 1 : 1. Go to your YouTube Video Page eg. 2. Copy your YouTube Video Link. 3. Add the Media BBCode to your YouTube Video Link. Your resulting code :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJa2j4JljEk 4. Paste the code from the previous step in your post and then submit your post. 5. You have successfully embed your YouTube Video on F|A Forum. Method 2 : Alternatively, you can go to the Toolbar of your post and select the Special BBCode icon (It should look like a photo icon.) and select the Media BBCode. Paste your YouTube Video Link under the Media Url Section and then click Ok. Method 3 : You can just paste the YouTube Video url directly in your post. You do not have to link it. Just paste the following code to your post : Result : I hope this guide helps you. Thank you.
  7. I believe you can use this cvar: cg_crosshairSize
  8. You can download his demoviewer from F|A Download Section: Link
  9. I don't really think there is in reality the best ET Server Hosting as the word "best" is subjective and it largely depends on your requirements. Since you do not have much experience, I believe having an experienced support team is needed in the company you would be hosting your servers with so in light of this I shortlisted 2 companies which I think may suit your needs. The two companies are: http://dediserverhosting.com/and https://www.gameservers.com/ I would like to bring your attention to Dediserverhosting. Since based on your recent few questions with regards to creating a server, I believe you would want to have servers managed by experienced support team similar to how some of Fearless Assassin's servers are being managed thus, you can try Dediserverhosting. You may now ask why http://dediserverhosting.com/The answer to this question is due to the fact that daredevil, who I believe you know is the Founder of F|A, is part of the team that manages Dediserverhosting. He having managed Fearless Assassins Servers would have the experience to help you manage your servers. You can read more about Dediserverhosting through this links : http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/8728-game-server-hosting-fearless-assassins/ http://dediserverhosting.com/ As for gameservers.com, I have personally used them before although that was quite a long time ago. They do have tools to make managing your gameservers easier so you can try them out if you prefer not to use Dediserverhosting. You may think I am biased since I seem to promote dediserverhosting.com a lot but do note that I am not part of Dediserverhosting and I am just stating my opinion based on my view on what would be best for you.
  10. You can place the cvars anywhere in server config but most likely the cvars already exist in server config so to prevent overwrite you should search for it and replace the cvar variables accordingly. You can read the Jaymod Documentation on XPSave. The server config you should change is the one in jaymod folder.
  11. As Xernicus has stated, He should edit everything from the folder not rcon.
  12. I assume you are trying to do it server side as if it is client side like the cvars you mentioned are usually forced so changing it would not help. You can try mapscripting. I believe the variables you require are: setglobalfog 0 <duration> <float:r> <float:g> <float:b> <float:depthForOpaque> Changes the global fog in a map to a specific color and density. setglobalfog 1 <duration> Changes the global fog in a map.
  13. Did he have an etkey in his etmain folder? Even if his server is set up properly, if he does not have an etkey in his etmain folder, it would not work. If he does have etkey and it still does not work, it would be good if you attach the server.cfg to your post but please remember to remove any sensitive information like rcon password, ref password, shoutcast password as well as the server name (to avoid advertising) etc. This way, other members and I can take a look at it.
  14. I am happy you manage to fix it.

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