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TeamSpeak for XP

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About This File

This is one of the last versions of TeamSpeak 3 that still works with Windows XP. This download is primarily intended to help those out who are still in the process of updating their OS.



Windows XP


As mentioned before TeamSpeak no longer provides support for Windows XP. If you update your TeamSpeak to the newest version or install the newest version from their website, you might encounter problems if you are still running on Windows XP.

To avoid this I have uploaded this version for those still using Windows XP:

Simply download it and install it. After you install it a pop-up will appear asking you to download a update. This you have to deny, since the update will make changes which won't allow you to use TeamSpeak any longer on Windows XP. Downside: You can't enjoy any new fixes or features of TeamSpeak.


If you are transferring/uninstalling your TeamSpeak and you want to save your ID, take a look at this turtorial: http://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/359-how-do-i-save-my-teamspeak-id-and-transfer-to-a-another-pc


It is obvious that the best and safest solution is to update your Windows XP (support will end on 08/04/2014) to a newer version of Windows and to use the latest version of TeamSpeak from their website (see below).


Windows (later versions):


TeamSpeak supports the newer versions of Windows, which leaves you with two possibilities:


- Download this version and install it. Then run the update to get the latest version.




- Download it directly from their website and install the latest version immediately.