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Event: TF2 Game Night #2

in Community Calendar
Added by DJ aka GDR DJ, 10 Sep 2011

Taking place 24 Sep 2011 (Single Day Event)


The 2nd TF2 Games Night begins at 24.09.11 at 05.30 pm EST
TF2 is a free game you can DL of Steam
I hope it come many from yours

thanks say DJ

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Please do not RSVP if you are not actually coming.
Event starts at 11:30pm for me.
I am moving computer to new place with new internet at Friday. If the internet is sorted out, I'll definitely be there.
I am terribly sorry, but my internet fails to work at my new place. Sending this from on campus, this is the only place where I can access internet atm. Sucks balls but I won't be able to be there.
I might be able to join in for a little, but not sure. Depends how long it takes to buy Magic cards xD