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As yall have read, it's been frustrating and lots of me bitching/moaning about how the people I work with suck. Well today after sitting down with leadership and explaining why it is exactly that I blew up on them Saturday, they fully understood. I'm back to not having to stay overnight for duty days (mainly because I'm on light duty restrictions, and not in full duty status). Also means I'm in an overall better mood. I'm not one to so quickly talk to someone i've blown up at/ gotten mad at. Also, side note, if i get angry with someone here be warned i wont talk about it/ talk with you for a few days minimum. I get very heated and hold a grudge sometimes as well as walk away from situations that i get angry with. It takes me some time to cool off and be able to calmly talk about something like that. Anyway, things are taking a turn for the better. The whole punishment of me staying over night was actually supposed to be a bluff, and my Chief didnt expect me to go with it. He said that only solidified everything i was telling him in my favor. I apologize for the unprofessional display of behavior through venting on this blog and through the status. That doesnt look good for newcomers and I will continue to try and better myself about it and handle matters accordingly.

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Reading your blog bud and just wanted to tell; Hold om there mate! Sending You some good sparky vibes from faraway Croatia :)

TC and stay postive!


Barn (Yoda)

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