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From: VIP Membership - Benefits




VIP Member benefits:


Premium Member Badge: Stand out from the crowd! Show off your Premium membership on Fearless Assassins Forum with a custom badge.


1. Forums will be add free for you.

2. You can publish unlimited blogs.

3. Gallery image/photo limit will be increased from 10 to 100. Your max file size will also increase from 100Kb to 300Kb.

4. Private message storage size will increase from 30 to 150.

5. You will be able to change your display name every 30 days. Just PM any member of Staff or Me.

6. Personal photo upload limit will be increased from 30Kb to 100kb.

7. You will be allowed to rate images and send E cards from gallery.

8. You will be allowed to create private album.

9. You will be given level 4 admin on our all servers.

10. You will have name protection on our all servers. What does that mean? No one will be able to use your name on our server. Your name will be reserved for you only! If someone will try to use your same exact name he/she will be auto kicked within 1 min.

11. You will have access to private section of forums which will be only limited to VIP members.

12. You will have access to 1 more forum skin.


With time you will have more benefits on forum and server.


You can purchase the VIP membership from store.


Note: We deserve right to revoke your facilities without any prior notice if we find you are violating our forums/server rules.

Payments must be made in full on or before their due date. Fearless Assassins forums addon service doesn't support refunding.

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