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Hellow there dear readers,


my name is bowly, and i'd like to welcome you into my mind. Here is where is will share my deep thoughts/opinions about all sorts of things. Things going from games. movies, news, politics, ... I've been posting some shit as status updates but i dont wanna bother all those who are my friend on the forums with my extremely deep thoughts.


Maybe you know this, or maybe you dont (my rl friends found out really fast) but i like discussions :) i'm basicly known with my friends for going into discussion with alot of people. And doesn't really matter wether i'm right or wrong (well, depends on who the other person is i guess :P) but i want to see multiple sides to something, not only my point of view. So feel free to give your opinions too :)


If anyone ever feels like i insulted them in any way, please let me know and ill remove it :).


have fun reading to those who are interested ;)


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