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Review - "chocolate"





Sahamongkol Film International | Thai, Japanese | 110 minutes | Rated R



lol Dare's request for martial arts flicks. I'm a big fan of them myself, which brings me to this review. I kept reading of a "female" version of Tony Jaa on the web, and so on my search, found this title. After checking out trailers and some reviews, I went to see what the fuzz was about.


Jeeja stars as a autistic girl named Zen who lives with her mother, Zin, and friend Moom, she gets caught up with her mother's dark past and must fight to save them from gangsters wanting them dead. As a young girl, she begins to take a liking to the art of Muay Thai. Learning from watching fighters train in the academy next door to them and from movies, her skills and reflexes improve over time. Years past, and her mother's condition from cancer worsens. Having to undergo treatment, they worry about how to cover the bills. Moom soon discovers Zin's old record book, from when she was a high-end moneylender in the Thai gang, containing logs from debtors that own her money. Not knowing of Zin's dark past, Zen and Moom set out to collect for the hospital bills. The first attempt turns violent, but after years of training, Zen puts her Muay Thai to use and fights back. This catches the attention from No. 8, Zin's ex-husband, and leads to further confrontations with the Thai gangsters.


I really enjoyed Ong-Bak, totally mesmerized from the insane fight scenes. This definitely has that. The story could have been better executed, but it turned out to be a excellent film, nevertheless. In some of the fight scenes, it doesn't look like Jeeja is putting out enough force with her kicks and punches to really sent someone to the ground. However, just her overall dedication and amazing skill as both martial artist and actress make me a fan. Training with Panna Rittikrai's stunt team while already experienced in Taekwondo, Jeeja prove to be someone to watch out for.


I believe it has been released in the states already. It is available in U.K too. Check it out. :yahoo



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