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My recent absence




''Busy; Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.'' -Free dictionary


How most of my days go:

Wake up


Remember to put some clothes on.

Forget to put some clothes on.

Go to morning practice (ice-time 1 and a half hours)

Go to school. (Eat)

Be there for 5 to 6 hours.

Either spend time with friends, go to the gym or go home.

Go to team practice. (Warm up 20 minutes, ice-time 50 minutes, strech 10 min)

Go to a another teams practice if capable, same thing as above.

Go home.


Shower and sauna.

More stretching.


Eat some more.



Most weekends im out of town playing hockey.



School, sports, social life, for the few past months I've been strugling to find time for FA and gaming.

I usually briefly check forums on the bus and just before going to bed and I've had to leave gaming aside entirely.


Why so much sports you may think, well 8.11 there's a qualifying tournament where (40) players get picked to a group called ''Future stars'' (8 groups from different regions of Finland) From there scouts will be picking a team (16 players + 2 goalies) that will go to a camp called ''Huippu Pohjola''. And from there scouts will pick yet another group of players and they will then be pretty much the National Junior Hockey team of Finland aka. Finland selects.


I have a slight change to get all the way to the third stage but getting into the final team is pretty much impossible.

But even getting to Huippu Pohjola would open doors for me in the future and help me accomplish my dream and play hockey as a job.


And like my history once said ''School is the gateway to life, and to get the through that gate you have to study.. a lot.'' And to stay in the sports-class and have my morning ice I have to keep my grades up.


And to top that I try to keep some social side to my life. I'd imagine life would be extremely boring without good friends so I try to establish new friendships and cherish the older ones.


I think time will find me sooner than I will find time


This week I have a little vacation from school so I finally have some time to pop on the servers and spend time with you guys. :)

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