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admin blog



"I pledge allegiance to my Clan and the Community for which it stands, one -F|A- indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."




Nil desperandum





promoted to Server Regular

5 !spec999 one user - reason - zombie

6 !spec999 one user - reason - zombie

7 !spec999 two people - reason - zombie

!warn 3 times - reason - spanish in main chat

!warn *junior - reason - tk witn panz all the time

8 bad day for server:

!warn *moron 3 times - reason - TK on purpose

!warn *unknown - reason - TK on purpose

!vote 2 times - reason - sometimes equal teams is not enough

!spec999 one user - reason - zombie

9 !warn 2 times *WolfThorn - reason - bitching, flooding nonsense in main chat

!mute (!kick unavailable for my level 3) WolfThorn 10m - reason - multiply, non-stop TeamKill, TK on purpose

10 !spec999 one user - reason - zombie

11 !spec999 - reason - zombie

12 !spec999 - reason - zombie

promoted to Community Regular

05:30 - 7:30 GMT I am admin on duty - AOD - basically
include: !howfair, even teams, recruiting and spotting cheaters...

13:30 - 15:30 GMT AOD

(server starts to lagg)

21:00 - 23:00 GMT AOD


22:00 - 23:23 GMT AOD


06:00 - 08:21 GMT AOD

10:00 - 12:00 GMT AOD

(if senior admins are on server (Antichrist, Stryder, Ocelot, Chuckun, etc...) I don't use a lot of commands, only check !howfair and move myself if teams are not even)

13:34 - 16:22 GMT AOD

!warn *1lolk1 - reason - teamkill and TB

!warn *death - reason - respect players and admins (unsuccessful. he was banned before my warn)

(Dammit, I have just realized I followed the wrong policy "of how to act as an admin if senor admins are on server". Antichrist has lined out for me some valuable guidelines about it.)

promoted to Trial Member with all privileges and responsibilities

!warn 2 times *. Respect another players. Do not TB. Don't be a racist.

12:10 - 21:27 GMT AOD eventually

(learning jay mod commands. damn it's different)

21 - all day long - AOD

!warn *AAA - reason - respect another players

!mute 2 times *AAA - same reason

!warn *AAA - reason - respect another players! again! (AAA was kicked by console after my warn)

!warn *Gesichts-Syphilis - reasons - fooling around with knife, blocking panzerman on purpose, pushing teammates.

!spec999 *Raidy - reason - zombie

(I hope I haven't exceeded my authority at the first day)


A player iDEAL connected to server today and immediately get banned by console. Reason - ban evasion. After few moments later another player with the same nick (iDEAL) successfully connect and stays playing for a while. I can't proof it was the same person, but I have strong feeling we deal with a pretty good user, evading his previous ban.


!warn *Tim - reason - Do not TK!

22 - AOD

!warn *Tim - same reason - chronic troublemaker

specc efool and record.

(I've started to make my own database of troublemaker players)

23 - AOD + recruiting

specc Blotz and record. (he was innocent - pov glitch)

24 - AOD +recruiting

25 - AOD

I've started to admin second server today: - Silent 1.

!warn - *kickback - reason - stacking teams repeatedly!


25-28 Leave of absence.


28 - AOD HC and S1 + recruiting

!spec999 two people - reason - zombie

29 - AOD HC and S1

!warn *kickback - reason - Stop insulting teammates and switches after shuffle.

!warn *kickback - reason - Watch you language! Respect another players!

!mute *kickback 5m, 10m - same reasons - chronic troublemaker

(update: kickback was evading his permanent ban on jay 1 - yoyo order me to ban him - duration one year)

!spec999 two people - reason - zombie

30 - AOD HC and S1


(I was doing AOD on Recruiting server today: - it was a great pleasure to deal with new guys! And I changed my approach to admin duty there - I used words ONLY. (and one command - /scores). We have 50-60 people on server, admin must be SUPER polite then talking to the crowd like that. So I
people to come and help allies or axis, depending on the score, using putteam only after asking nicely to switch teams)




1 - AOD HC

2 - AOD HC and S1

3 - AOD HC and S1

4 - AOD HC and S1

!warn s1 - *seeba - English in main.

!warn s1 - *soldier - English in main.

!warn s1 - *seeba - Stop stacking the teams!!

!warn s1 - *. - Stop stacking the teams!

5 - AOD HC and S1

!warn HC - *arab - stop TK and TB.

!kick HC - *arab - constantly TK,TB with flame on purpose. (he saw my flag and get a little overexcited)

!mute s1 - *Tim - 30m - bitching teammates!

!warn s1 - *barbarus - English in main!

6 - AOD HC ans S1

7 - AOD S1

8 - AOD S1

9 leave of absence

10 - AOD S1

Night trolls party on S1:

Zas106 - warn - mute 10m - English in main.

Apam - kicked - glitching, ping spikes

a pro cock - kicked - racist! FA disrespect! Troll FA! (pity I don't have a ban)

Jason - muted 1h - flooding, spamming. Being a troll.

Sebaa - warn - muted 1h - eng in main!!! AGAIN! , stacking teams!!!

Soldierdog - English in main.

Apam - kicked - reason - stealing the gold and hiding in FIRST RESPAWN with it, like a
real jerk
! (ON S1 - teammates can't kills him - he was sitting with gold bars about 5 min there, until I came and get him kicked releasing the gold...)

Night on HC

!mute - 90d - col.tenbraun - no advertising!

!mute - corsario - 10m - english in main

!warn and !mute - herman - 2,5,10 - English in main. (he wont listen even then I explained it in Spanish)

!mute - Sebaa - 5h - English in main!! (after get muted on S1, he came to HC ...and got muted again by me with the same reason)

11 - AOD S1 and HC

!warn - /XP/Mexicano/XP/ - Eglish in main chat. S1

!warn - /XP/Mexicano/XP/ - Eglish in main chat. HC

!warn - Sebaa - (last warn!) - English in main chat only. S1

!mute - Sebaa 10d - Eng in main. S1 (Leaders order)

11- AOD - S1

!warn - zas106 - Eglish in main chat. S1

!mute - zas106 30m - Eng in main. S1

!warn - Warek - Eng in main, racist remarks about USA.

!warn - /XP/MEXICANO/XP - bad language, eng in main, disrespect to FA - being a TROLL?

12- AOD - S1

!mute - 1d - /XP/MEXICANO/XP - English in main. No respect to FA. He has 200k of XP on s1, he must know all server rules perfectly, but still can't follow the English rule.

!warn, !mute 5m, 30m- dan - respect all players, troll, bad languages.

13 - AOD - S1

14 - AOD - S1 and HC + Recruiting

!warn /XP/Mexicano/XP/ - stop spamming "great shot" pls!

!warn and !mute m2 - WolfThorn - troll, languages, stupidity. Hello old friend! FUN1








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!warn 3 times - reason - spanish in main chat


Don't specify the language, unnecessary. Simply "English only in main chat" :) a good job though. 

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Right from the admin guide:

Higher level admins

If they are on then it doesn't mean you leave everything on them. If u see something wrong handle it by yourself. Because sometimes i am on and i am AFK and same goes for all. If u see anything wrong try to fix it. If u are fixing in wrong way u will get PM by higher level admin so u know how to do it next time.


We all work together as a team. If I warn a guy before a Co-Leader, it's just the same as if you warn the guy before a Co-Leader.. or even a Leader. It means you helped, and he was able to continue his game, or work on forums, or speccing someone without having to stop and deal with that problem also :)

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