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No Not another Nostalgic Post




I was kind of bored this weekend away from home by myself on a business trip, so I decided to go down memory lane and get in touch with some of the movies and TV shows I grew up with. Let me say that watching some of these shows and movies 30 years later proves to me that todays family entertainment is on a much lower level than it used to be. Here are some of the flix and shows I watched this weekend. Its amazing how many full movies and shows are on Youtube these days. Growing up idolizing big rigs and fast cars I watched Convoy-Rubberduck FTW and Cannonball Run- da da da Captain Chaos!! I also watched the first pilot episode of BJ and the bear. Let me tell you the memories it brought back! I also watched some episodes of ChiPs haha ponch and John looking like 70's porno actors.I also watches Wargames with Mathew Broderick- Shall we play a game? was good times. There some I wanted to watch but didnt get the time-Airwolf, Knight Rider, The A-Team maybe Ill check them out next weekend!


Have A Great WeeK!!!!!!!!!!!



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