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I was kind of bored this weekend away from home by myself on a business trip, so I decided to go down memory lane and get in touch with some of the movies and TV shows I grew up with. Let me say that watching some of these shows and movies 30 years later proves to me that todays family entertainment is on a much lower level than it used to be. Here are some of the flix and shows I watched this weekend. Its amazing how many full movies and shows are on Youtube these days. Growing up idolizing big rigs and fast cars I watched Convoy-Rubberduck FTW and Cannonball Run- da da da Captain Chaos!! I also watched the first pilot episode of BJ and the bear. Let me tell you the memories it brought back! I also watched some episodes of ChiPs haha ponch and John looking like 70's porno actors.I also watches Wargames with Mathew Broderick- Shall we play a game? was good times. There some I wanted to watch but didnt get the time-Airwolf, Knight Rider, The A-Team maybe Ill check them out next weekend!


Have A Great WeeK!!!!!!!!!!!


Well its been almost a year since my last blog post (wanted to give time for some to learn to read english before I continued :D )

Its also been about 2 years since I got accepted as a trial to FA. The past 2 years have been a real roller coaster ride. I packed up my family and moved across the globe (from New York to Israel) Started a new job in a different language and came to the cross road that all gamers come to. What to do when you have very little time to play. In the old days I played from work (I was VP of the company) I played so much during the day that I didnt even have ET installed on my home PC! Now I only have evenings and until all the kids go to sleep and chores are done im practically falling asleep myself. It sucks but I also appreciate the time I have to play even if its only 2 hours a week. Now being in a gaming clan and hardly gaming seems like a contradiction, but thankfully in FA there is way more to our community than just being on the server. We have our beautiful forums that are always improving with the latest innovations availible (thanks to Hellreturn and the whole forum team. We have pic of the day (love it DJ) countless funny unban topics to read and a shoutbox full of retards. We have jews on axis team, black men crashing skateboards, indians with smart monkeys, frenchmen surrendering (they always do that) bacon lovers, sheep lovers, panzer lovers, xp whores, periodsauce vampires,English wankers(Chucky thats for you :P) and polish lesbians from space (love you Baska) and a very irritable Canadian named Dirt :D. How can I forget Austrian swinger weekends, car photos, girl photos, pc photos and an Admin Abuser named Antichrist(im joking mate) there is always something going on and its always exciting. So what is the point of this confused rambling post you ask? TBH I have no fvcking clue I forgot, but seriously just because you dont have time to game doesnt mean you cant be an important, and advancing member of this =FA=mily.




Life works in funny ways. Just last week I was sitting in front of the PC about to fire up ET when I thought why is it that a 37 year old man with a family and tons of responsibility is still playing games. It was then that I started to look into my past and see where it all started.

When I was young gaming involved 2 options the first being early consoles like ATARI(which we didnt have) or going to the video arcade and plugging those hard earned quarters into games that were impossible to beat. I dont know how many thousands of quarters I payed into Contra or Gauntlet :D. At around the same time my friend got Atarri and we spent countless hours playing the tank game. It was revolutionary. Fast forward a little bit to 1986 when I saw the Nintendo NES for the first time OMG we didnt sleep until we finished Mario brothers. Fast forward again to 1992. Already out of high school and dicking around in college at this point we have had a PC in the house for a while I see an ad for this game called Wolf3D. OMFG I was hooked at that moment on FPS games. Over the years I played every episode and level i could find even that annoying Barney one. After that I moved to Doom and then took a couple of year break from gaming until the long awaited RTCW came out. I played the SP version and I loved it. I then moved to MP and didnt really take to it. I watched the release of ET without much interest. I downloaded it but could never really get into it at first. Somewhere around 2005 my wife went on a 2 week vacation with her mother and I decided to fire up ET once again. This time it stuck and I roamed the ET universe getting my ass kicked playing with default settings shit it took me almost a year to figure out that you had to do binocs for arty strike :D.

Once again I took a break and didnt come back to ET until 2008. It was that year that I joined my first clan. The clan died like a month later and i roamed around until I found the S2H* baserace server where I really met a great bunch of friends and I joined and stayed in that clan until it died. Around 2009 I found Jay2 and I started playing there everyday while my Euro clanmates were sleeping. Once S2H* died I decided that F|A was the place for me and here we are in 2011 kicking ass and playing many different games. At this point my Daughter is already asking me when she can start playing ET and she says she hopes not to be a lowbob like her daddy. :lol:


The End



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