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The Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked!

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The Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked! 1.5GHz, 4.8-inch 1080p Display, Ceramic Case




Samsung previously made ​​it known that the Galaxy S III would not be announced at Mobile World Congress.

But it leaked anyway. And it might steal the show. Forgot about the HTC and Sony Xperia X One U, the Samsung will be the Android phone GSIII to beat in 2012.

Inside the Galaxy S III is said to be a Samsung Exynos CPU running at 1.5GHz quad-core. It will power a 4.8-inch 16 × 9 display that's reportedly a Blu-ray display - whatever that means. A 2MP resides in the front bezel while at 8MP is embedded around back. BGR does not state the target carrier (s) but the phone will rock a 4G LTE radio. An unconfirmed rendering is pictured up top.

The case is reportedly made ​​out of ceramic, Which in a world of plastic and aluminum, is a fun change of pace. Ceramic feels great to the touch, can be very durable and since it's baked mud Comprised of mostly, it's better for the environment. Plus, with ceramic, Apple can not claim any of its Samsung copied products.

It will ship with Android 4.0 installed sometime later this year. Samsung previously stated that it would hold a launch event for the phone closer to its ship date. I'd expect the phone in late spring / early summer.



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I've never felt the desire for a phone so much :o I don't usually care but I have a very good feeling about this.. And I haven't had a working mobile phone for nearly a year now :P

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for you Chuckun, it's free :DD....just come here & get it yourself. that's my condition :P

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Lmao! I meant the S3 but if I had the money, that would be a sweet deal, even though it'd cost me more to get to you :P

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Chuck - this isn't gonna hit our shelves until august / September :( We only just got the go ahead yesterday that ICS will become available to us around the 19th March. :(


Cannot wait for this though... Galaxy Kids in Miracle world rule the school :)

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